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This really is a wonderfully happy Friday for me! I have the day off! :D

I had most of yesterday off, too.

I've got a couple new pairs of shoes. One pair was purchased at my fabulous local shoe store. Un.willow by Clarks Unstructured :D They're very snug, but the shoe store guy told me that they were supposed to be like that, otherwise they wouldn't stay on my feet!

I'd gotten Control by Kumfs before in a dark brown, and they're my favorite shoes. But I wanted a pair for spring/summer. Then I saw these same model (Control) in a pretty taupe suede & patent leather color. They were expensive at $180, so I didn't buy them right away. Then once I decided that yes, I really did love those, and yes, I really did want that exact shoe... the size I wanted wasn't there! The first pair (the dark brown ones) I bought at my local shoe store, and they fit me into a 37 wide. Well, by the time I got off my ass and made up my mind Zappos didn't have those nice pretty shoes in a 37W. They had a 37 regular, 37.5 regular & wide, and 38 regular & wide. The 37 wide I have already in the dark brown are actually a bit too long/wide for me, as my foot can slides all the way forward and I have room for my index finger between my heel and the back of the shoe. I remember trying on the 38 wide and finding that it was way too big. So I decided to go with the 37.5 regular. If a 37 wide is too long, a 37.5 wide will definitely be too long. I was afraid a 37 regular would be too snug, so I went with the 37.5 regular.

And that's WAY too much babbling about choosing a shoe size! I'm eager for the shoes to show up so I can try them on. I'll probably have to take the shoes to a repair place so I can have them stretched over the bone spur that're on both my big toes.

I've spent most of my morning so far playing with the photo gallery feature MrB added to my domain ( The gallery is now up-to-date with all my sewing projects! See?

And now I think I'm going to shower, and see if I can get my shirt finished!


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