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Track list for Jordan's album Love Songs off his website

01. Waiting For A Girl Like You
02. Say Goodbye - duet with Deborah Gibson (emphasis mine)
03. Tender Love
04. I Wish
05. She's Got A Way
06. Where Is Your Heart Tonight
07. One More Night
08. Have You
09. Careless Whisper
10. Drive
11. No More Tears

Debbie Gibson?!!! SQUEEEEE! I loved her when I was a pre-teen. I stopped loving her as soon as I found out New Kids existed. :)
And the duet with her is one of the clips on his site, and I really like it! The other clips are of She's Got A Way and I can't tell what the 3rd clip is (the part they chose doesn't seem to have any of the 11 title phrases in it).

According to the calendar on his site, Jordan will have an interview & a performance on Good Morning America on Tuesday August 22nd. And on Sat. July 22nd he'll has "KBIG radio show - Los Angeles, CA".
::rushes off to make notes on calendar::
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Evidently my old blue-eyed favorite Joey McIntyre is doing a stage thing in LA (the Fonz in a production of Happy Days).

Then I went to

And MUSIC started playing! And it had Jordan's voice!!!


Evidently he has an album of ballads coming out September 12!

It's called Love Songs!

The ballads were always my favorites!

::watches HTB wonder if I've punctured one of his eardrums::

There're 3 little clips that play on his site.

Now is when I go search to see if a full-length song has surfaced anywhere!

Sept 12th is going to be a GOOOOD day for me.

A bit of the new & a bit of the old!

Justin & Jordan, here I come!!!

::bounces madly around the room::


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