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::pats self on back::

A full 2 months after I got engaged I finally remembered that I still needed to call my grandparents so. (the key would also be that not only did i remember, but that I also actually got off my ass to call them). It's not like I have a kazillion grandparents and simply forgot this pair. I have a grandmother who lives in town (& I told her along with my parents the day after). And I have this set of grandparents. And that's it.

I suppose 2 months late is better than what it could've been, right? Oh well. I also told them that hubby-to-be & I were coming down to visit them (& HTB's mom) over labor day weekend. It just so happens that HTB's mom lives in a little suburb about half-an-hour from where my grandparents live! So we're going to go down there (get a hotel room in the middle) and visit both relatives. HTB's mom has been making noises about how she wants to get to know me & whatnot. That's probably the main reason for the visit down there. Last time HTB was over here (or maybe the visit before last) he called his mom (because she'd emailed him wanting to talk with him). And since he was visiting me, she told him to turn the cell phone over to me after she was done talking to him and she & I talked for a bit (maybe 20 minutes?). She's a nice lady. I think she'll be a decent Mother-in-law. That feels really weird to think about (& even weirder to type out)!! A mother-in-law? Am I old enough to have one of those? [I suppose if I'm old enough to get enagaged, I'm old enough to have a mother-in-law].

A question for the universe of LJ to hopefully answer for me: Is there an actual word for your spouse's sister-in-law? Because right now, the only way I can think of to refer to that individual is to call her "my brother-in-law's wife". And that just seems really awkward. You'd think that there would be a better word/phrase for it...
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Engagement has happened!
We climbed up a local mountain/hill called Spencer's Butte. He had a very nicely wrapped box in his backpack (which he's never taken with us before when we've climbed up this particular mountain, nor any other mountain). Then once we got to the top, he had to take his backpack with him to go investigate a rock around the corner. :) Then he had me come inspect said rock. The weather was perfect, there was a bit of drizzle earlier in the day which kept away almost everybody. The clouds/fog was slowly rolling over the top of the butte, going from one side to another.

<--is very happy!!!



::bounces some more::


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