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Let's review, shall we?

I've been tired/lethargic/blah lately... chalked it up to The Cough That Will Not Go Away

I've been sad/bummed/down about not having seen HTB in so long... figured that my patience with the distance part of our long-distance relationship was starting to run out, and that I just needed to see him more often than once every 4 to 6 weeks.

Waking up in the morning has still been difficult... chalked that up to the fact that this is SAD season and that's what I do.

A coworker asked me earlier this afternoon if I had any exciting plans for the weekend. I was (& still am) feeling a bit blah and not at all excited about anything, and I opened my mouth all set to answer "No", when it hit me. I do have something exciting going on this weekend. A friend & I are going to a local Bridal/Wedding Show. So I said yes, and told him my exciting plans.

Then I went back to my office and tried to figure out why I only felt blah/so-so about this Bridal Show, when I really am very much looking forward to it.
Eventually it hit me.
I kind of 'forgot' that I've been on Wellbutrin for a while now, and these above things should not be happening. Not when I have fun/happy/exciting things coming up like going to a Bridal/Wedding Show with a friend tomorrow & a visit to HTB next weekend!

I've counted, and I've been on Wellbutrin for 6 weeks as of tomorrow. It should be very much in full effect by now. I should be a very happy/excited/bubbly camper.
Except, I'm not.
I haven't been this down/blah since I was unemployed & looking for work.

Thank goodness I have an appointment a week from today to see my Dr. I can tell him that this is *not* working, and I want off. I tried calling his office, but I just got a message machine that said the office will be closed Friday Oct 7th & Monday Oct 10th.
I think I'm going to call back & leave a message anyway (about my reaction/suspicions and ask if it's ok for me to just stop taking the med.).
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I've made a couple of private entries this weekend, tracking what I thought were side effects from a new medication my doctor started me on (I started it on Saturday). The hope is that this winter I will have just as much energy & motivation to do things as I normally have (like in the late spring & summer). Hopefully it will also keep me from having to do quite so much time with my lightbox each morning.

Well the last couple of days I've been just a sloth. No energy to do much of anything. I've had weird soreness in my quadricep muscles, too. I chalked it all up to strange side effects.

Turns out I was wrong. I increased my light from 20 minutes to 30 minutes this morning. I had enough energy to get the dishes almost done (if I had more time I'd wash the big things that won't fit in the dishwasher). And I've almost got the laundry put away. I think the sore muscles are nothing more than my body telling me I need to get out and exercise. I'm going to go for a good walk at lunch, and we'll see what that does. I might even pull out an exercise dvd when I get home from work tonight.
I have energy, and bounciness!! :D

I wish I had figured this (that I needed more time on my lightbox) out on Saturday! I could've gotten a lot more done! I thought about going for a bike ride (or rather I thought it'd be nice), but it never progressed beyond that stage. It's supposed to sprinkle today, and I still haven't bought fenders for my bike so I'm not bicycling in to work today (plus if I was I should've left the house 25 minutes ago).

I like having energy!! It's a nice feeling! :)


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