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I REALLY like our little homemade tivo! Like really really love it! There's (almost) always stuff on it that I want to see. And it's just sitting there, waiting for me whenever I'm ready to watch it. And we have something like 200 hours of recording space, too. :D

I'm fond of a reality show on TLC called "Little People Big World". It's about a family of 6. Twin boys, a younger sister and a younger brother. The parents are both little people (dwarfs) as is one of the twins (they're fraternal twins, obviously). It's amusing and interesting. Especially for the local factor. The family lives on a farm out in the suburbs of a large town a couple of hours from where I live.

I finally caught "Jericho". I've only seen the one episode so far (#4 I think it was), and I have a BUNCH of questions so far even after reading all the episode guides of the previous episodes. But I think that's the way the show's supposed to go.
I've got Heroes episodes #1 through 3. HTB sat down and watched them all last night. I haven't seen them yet so I haven't asked him how he liked them. I plan to watch these today (maybe tomorrow after work).

I have a short week at work this week & next!!! I'm SO excited! HTB & I are taking a 4 day weekend next weekend and going over to Boise for the wedding of one of his good friends. It should be nice. I'm really looking forward to it.

At 1 o'clock this afternoon HTB & I get to go have a wedding cake consultation at the bakery department of one of the upscale grocery stores around here (they do really good work, and I'm looking forward to the meeting). We've picked out 4 different cake & filling combinations we want to try and we'll get to look at a book of designs and it should be all sorts of fun.
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So HTB & I finally got all the pieces for our home theater PC.

The tv capture card HTB chose got lots of great reviews. We were a little confused when we got nothing but a really crappy fuzzy picture after everything had been installed. Then we found out that very recently the company that makes the card we got changed brands of tuners that they used on the card, and a BUNCH of other people have had the exact same problems with it that we're having.

We'll probably end up having to ship the card back to the manufacturer and get a new one (one that hopefully will work).

I still think this will be a good thing and I'm looking forward to it all being done. I really didn't think it would be this much trouble to do though. Just luck of the draw I suppose.

I've got the apartment to myself this weekend, as HTB is off on a solo adventure weekend to recharge his batteries.
I've gotten some stuff done, but not quite everything on my list.

As my wedding is now less than 9 months away I decided it was finally time to go purchase my wedding dress. So my mom & I went back to the place where I found the dress I fell in love with several months ago when we first went looking. It turned out my timing couldn't have been better!! The dress I like was on the clearance rack as it was being discontinued by the manufacturer. They only had 1 left, and I lucked out again because the one that they had left was in my size! It's pure white instead of the off-white ivory I was planning on. I could've had the store lady call & see if they still had any in the ivory left. But then I would've had to pay full price ($490). Because the white one was on clearance I totally lucked out and was able get it for only $220!! Plenty of money left for alterations. I'm going to have to have the waist/ribcage area let out a couple inches (it's a bit snug as it is, and I'm not likely to be able to easily drop 10-15 pounds between now and my wedding day). I also have to have the dress shortened at the bottom, and the extra slack taken up at the top of the shoulders. Happily the wedding dress shop lady recommended a good seamstress/tailor for me to try. I figure in January after the holidays I'll give the seamstress a buzz and start the process of getting the dress fitted.
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So it appears something JC-related has appeared somewhere. I don't know any of the details and there's just *nothing* on my friends list! /sarcasm

I LOOOVVVEE new JC stuff! I haven't listened to it yet. Both because I'm at work and not allowed to download stuff, and because I haven't decided yet if I want to try and remain spoiler free for his 2nd album.

And in other news, HTB really wants us to memorize our vows. The wedding vows we haven't even really thought of or written yet.
I'm *really* not so sure I want to do that. It'd be nice, but it'd also be a lot of work and a lot of extra stress. So... Help me LJ!!

[Poll #716960]

Now I just have to go find books and things to help me write my vows. And not-so-subtly leave around the house for HTB to use to help write his. Thank goodness we have so much time!
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We went back to the photographer's last night and signed a contract/agreement and put down a deposit.
HTB & I both really like his work and even better is that his prices are very reasonable. All together it'll set us back about a grand. That includes a DVD (set to music) of *all* the photos (& full rights to the images) he takes (he said it'd be approx 300-400 photos covering 3 hours pre-ceremony, ceremony & 1st hour of reception), an album of 100 4x6 photos, 5 4x6 photos photoshopped how we choose, an a 8x10, and 3 11x14 photoshop collages (with as many images as we want, we'll probably just do a background image & 6 images on top otherwise they just get too small).

Some of the 4x6 photoshopped images he has are of a bride in street clothes + veil looking into a mirror & the reflection being the bride in full dress; bride looking down into a pond & seeing a mirror-image reflection of the groom instead of herself; torso & up of bride & groom leaning/sticking out of a skinny tree at opposite angles but no legs, just the skinny tree trunk; and other fun & cute stuff like that.

I'm really excited! :D

Also, he uses a nice 14MP camera, and his pictures were the best quality ones we saw at the bridal show a few months ago. When we get a bigger house someday we'll be able to blow up the photos as large as we want. :) And later this summer I'm going to go get my dress, and we need to reserve our honeymoon lodging, and in the few months I need to call the bakery & do all the details of the cake. But we have lots of time. I'm REALLY glad we have lots of time to plan everything. :)
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I can’t wait until my new computer arrives!! Hopefully it’ll be easier for me to read & post to LJ, and to check & reply to my email. This whole sharing the sole computer thing is for the birds!
The computer is scheduled to arrive tomorrow! :D As HTB & I both have chores & things we want to get done, we've decided not to unpack the computer from it's shipping box until after these things are done. Otherwise they stand a good chance of NEVER getting done.

The weekend was fabulously productive.
HTB’s new smallish L-shaped computer desk was put together. It’s smaller than most L-shaped desks, but it still just BARELY fit. We have WallFileCabinetMyDeskHisDeskWall. Just like that, too. Not even a inch of space is left between the two walls!

We also got a bunch of stuff donated, stuff I was tripping over, stumbling over, and always getting bruises from. We’re down to a few boxes in the hallway by the living room & one big box in the entryway (it’s my old 15” monitor, and we still need to find a place to donate it to).

Bridal Show & scary people with cheapass digital cameras who call themelves Wedding Photographers )
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Eventually I'll remember to update more frequently... at least come spring once I'm not chained to my lightbox for so long each morning.

In summary:

Life w/HTB living here (but not officially 'moved in' yet) is busier than when we had the LDR going on and just talked on the phone each evening. It's VERY nice & VERY good!! But busier though, and that's taken a bit of an adjustment.

Heard about the Sound Of Music 40th anniversary 2-disc DVD being released. Want to go home & check to see if I own this on dvd yet. If not I want this. I LOVE this movie! It'd be so fun to have it on DVD. :)

The Battle of Us vs. the Squirrel )

babbling about weekend activities & not enough time in a day )
I *really* want to try and get things cleaned up as much as possible before a week from tomorrow (YIKES!!) when my future mother-in-law is arriving in town for Thanksgiving.
How much we'll be able to get cleaned up since we're in this weird transition period of half moved in, but not quite enough stuff here yet to justify a storage unit...

Other weird unexpected things requiring adjustment & transition have cropped up (in regards to HTB unofficially living here but not moved in)... things I wouldn't have thought would need to change (like shopping, last-minute diversions on the way home, planning dinners... etc).

I got pictures developed recently. They include portions of my mom's recently denuded backyard (wherein she took out a big giant plant & is letting HTB & I plan out the new design with the idea we can use that area for our wedding next summer). And also pictures of me trying on various wedding dresses. Including the one I eventually decided upon. I want to scan the pictures in, blur out my face (I'm neurotic when it comes to my privacy), and post them in a tightly locked filter for any who want to see...
So if you want to see & be on the filter list, please comment & let me know.
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I've been busy & haven't logged on to LJ and check up with everyone in a few days...

I pulled out my daytimer just now to write down a few things I want to remember to do today.

So I just saw my note to myself on yesterday's page that says "*NSYNC's Greatest Hits CD Released Today!!! :) "

I. um. well... um, forgot.

I think I know what I'm doing on my way home tonight!

I went wedding dress shopping this weekend with my mom & grandma. HATED the pushy saleswoman at David's Bridal. NOT nice at all. Will NEVER go back there again. Will strongly discourage anyone I know from going there.

There was another lovely little bridal store in the same strip mall (by the name of "Bride's Corner". The owner-lady (was the only one on staff), was VERY nice. Let me look around at the dresses on my own, left us alone to poke around (but was nearby to answer questions & things if we wanted).
I found the perfect dress! It's very much unlike anything I expected to be going for, but it's just what I was looking for. Very flowy, fairy tale kind of dress. When I get home I'll post a picture I found online so I can squeeee and share my joy/excitement with all of you!
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Saturday June 23, 2007 the proverbial wedding bells will ring!

approximately 21 months from now.

I told my mom at lunch, and for some odd reason she was shocked/surprised. I think having a date set makes it more real to her that her baby girl is growing up & getting married.
Strangeness. She's known for months that HTB & I are getting married, she's even known that we've planned on a June 2007 wedding. ::shrugs::

She asked why we were waiting so long (actually the exact words were "why does HTB/whizzmo want wait so long?"). I was very proud of myself for answering in a polite & non-offended way. I told her it was a mutual decision that we both came up with due to simple logistics. I told her that there was no way in hell I would want to move towns, start a new job, figure out how to live with my significant other for the firsttimeever, and plan & have my wedding all within the same 6 month time period. And since I wouldn't want to do that, I don't want HTB to have to do that. I told her we also needed each and every month between now & then to save up for everything.
Then mom said that "the family will help where we can", and that they'd buy the wedding dress or something. :D
I already knew they(my parents) were going to help decorate their backyard, which is where we're having the wedding, and that they were going to help with getting small wedding cake to have immediately after the ceremony with the immediate family (who're going to be the only guests at our small backyard wedding).
But them buying the dress will be VERY nice! :D
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Yipes! It's amazing how time flies, I looked at my calendar and I see it's been a week since I've written.

My new job's going quite well. I'm slowly figuring everything out, and slowly making suggestions for how I think things should be done differently.
Today I get to really start diving in to the world of budgeting. It's going to be a big part of my job (the next few months especially), and it's something I've only had experience from on the other end (as an auditor looking to see if all the rules were followed).

I've been researching bed & breakfasts that are up in the mountains about an hour east of here. The boy & I want to get married somewhere up there. Up in the woods, it's very much *us*. We won't have any help from my family (or his) in paying for the wedding, but at least we have 2 years to save up for it. Though with the way each of our incomes and expenses are, I don't know how much we'll be able to save. He's coming to visit this weekend and on Saturday we're going to go drive up and look at some of the bed & breakfasts I've found online.
I'm looking forward to it! (except not the part where they tell me how much money they want and I faint and fall over)
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Scanned back through my recent journal entries and realized I didn't share nearly enough about the wedding the boyfriend & I attended last week.

The boyfriend was asked to escort the bride's mother down the aisle and be an usher. I may have gotten all gooey inside and may have had a big smile on my face when he walked down the aisle in a nice suit with a candle-lighter (the big long metal kind they use in churches) to light all the candles up at the front (this was done alongside the 1 other usher). *g*

I haven't actually attended a wedding before (unless you count the time the boyfriend & I were witnesses to the boyfriend's brother & (now) sister-in-law's wedding in Reno). I hadn't seen a unity candle thing before. They had one, and it was really cool. It was very neat how each of the moms went up simultaneously at the beginning of the ceremony to light a candle and then the bride and groom each took 'their' candle to jointly light a candle in the middle. It was very nice.

The minister-person (I can't recall his exact 'title', as they're different in every religion/denomination), shared both the bride and the groom's reason for getting married. The groom's reason for getting married was because she completed him. The bride's reason was because he gave her security and stability. Um. ok...

And now, I suppose I've really & truly stalled long enough and I really, really should get some actual work done this morning.


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