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I'm REALLY looking forward to my nice long vacation.

I want to get more casual/travel skirts (with my derby thighs skirts fit me better now than shorts).

Then there's the issue of suitcase size & weight. I want to take my derby gear, so I can skate with a local derby league while I'm visiting. But the skates are about 8 pounds by themselves, then there's all the padding & helmet & etc. It might not be worth it. I'm considering taking a 2nd checked bag (& paying the extra $35 each way) just so I have one suitcase for my derby stuff (sans helmet) and one suitcase for my clothes (plus derby helmet).

I want to go get a couple more of the amazingly wonderful Pack-It Cubes. I have a few already, and they are SOOOO handy for suitcase organizing. Plus when TSA has to open & rifle through my suitcase my clothes won't end up all over the place.

I'm going to wander down to REI at lunch and look at skirts & pack-it cubes. Perhaps though I should measure the suitcase I want to take and make sure it's not over the size limit. I have a smallish sized suitcase that's good for 4-6 day trips, but I'm going to be gone for 10 days. Either I try & cram everything into that smaller suitcase, or I take the larger (which may or may not be over the size limit).
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Still bummed about my sprained ankle. Though the enforced break from Derby has been good for my sleep & my perspective.

My P/T is a very nice lady, and she happily reported that I'm healing faster than expected. One exercise she had me do at my appointment yesterday she thought I wouldn't be ready for until next week! :)

Best of all, I got permission to start skating again on Saturday! :D

Starting to get excited about my trip to Illinois next month to visit my half-sister. I need to figure out what size suitcase(s) I can bring without going overweight or oversize & incurring a $100 penalty! It'll be much cheaper for me to just bring a 2nd smaller/lighter suitcase than one GINORMOUS one. :)


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