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And I couldn’t be happier! Never mind the fact that yesterday morning I turned off my alarm when I got up early (after an hour + of tossing & turning) so it wouldn’t wake up HTB. Of course while that’s a good thing to do, a better thing to do is to remember to turn it back on again!
Guess who overslept all the way up until HTB’s alarm went off?

Oh well. I must’ve needed the sleep and the only harm done was that I’m having to do more of my lightbox at work since I didn’t have time to do it this morning over breakfast.

Rose & I continued in our quest to come to an understanding & get to know one another last night. I discovered the joy of DVDs! I have a DVD burner now so when I went to make the System Recovery Discs (which don’t come with the computer, you have to actually make them off of a ‘recovery partition), I was able to fit it onto 2 DVDs instead of 13 CDs! :D
I also made a Recovery Tools CD (which may or may not allow me to resize my existing partitions & create new ones – but the CD is one of those good things to have for when Rose gets a bug or something and goes kaflooey. ::pets Rose:: (or I would if I was at home) But I installed ZoneAlarm & McAfee Anti-Virus (I get it for free from my ISP – Comcast).

I got all pissy at Rose last night when she *still* wouldn't connect to to download my gmail email in Outlook Express. I also got really pissy at how freaking slow Outlook Express was running (that and the damn Windows/MSN Messenger icon that kept popping up each time I opened OE. HTB helped me with a registry hack to make the Messenger icon go away, but OE was still slow. So I found more info on 2 more registry hacks that were needed so I tried those, and it was still slow to do anything or respond to my clicks. So I made the last leap. I'm now using Mozilla Thunderbird for my email. The transition was painless really. I had some rules in OE that didn't come over but everything else did. All my account settings & everything. I was very impressed. I redid a couple rules, and I'm eager to try out it's junk mail/spam feature, it can 'learn' what is spam and automatically put it in a Junk trash can. I wonder how long it'll take before it really learns what's spam & what isn't...

Games were finally installed last night, too!! I installed Battlefield 1942 for HTB, and Sims 1 for me. I’m going to try and wait to purchase Sims2 until after we both have fast zippy computers (because otherwise I’m going to want to be on Rose all the time & will resent him when he wants to use Rose for one of his games).

I’ve had this computer since Wednesday night and I haven’t even *begun* to open up & explore & play with all the games that it came preloaded with.
Guess what I’m doing after work tonight & this weekend?!

::looks at clock::

Are you sure it’s not 5 o’clock yet?

ETA - it turned out that even in Thunderbird I couldn't connect to gmail... then I changed my settings in thunderbird to use SSL and it worked like a charm! I wonder when they changed the requirements.
It sure would've been nice to get some warning. I was all frustrated that I couldn't get to my gmail email. But I'm VERY happy that it works now & that moving everything to Thunderbird was so easy. :)


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