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Sims 3 has been installed!! :D

I was worried after reading online about all the problems other folks were having, but I must have a good computer setup or a lucky disc or something! :D ::knocks on wood::

The focus of TS3 is very different from TS2. 2 was all about your individual family and what those members did throughout their lives.

Game Focus:
3 is all about your community/town. You don't save individual versions of your families. You save versions of your town. When you're controlling one family, the other families are being 'controlled' by the computer (they get married, have kids, adopt kids, move houses, move in & out of town, die, etc). The one thing the other families don't do is buy stuff. Family B might have 2 kids while you're off playing god with Family A, but they won't buy any kids' toys/furniture. I don't yet know if the families will go out and get jobs on their own.

I'm a little tired today, as I was up until almost midnight last night playing - the Sims time suck is alive and well! LOL!

Clothes / Create-a-Style:
There aren't very many clothes for guys. The Create-a-Style (CAST) seems like it'll be good, but it's a bit complicated and I haven't exactly figured out how it works yet. It also seems like the creators used the existence of the CAST system as an excuse for not creating very many different styles of clothes/furniture/etc. The one thing I do like is that if there’s 5 different styles of tops, they'll show up as 5 different rows, and then the different color/pattern options will show up as different options within each row. It keeps it more organized and easier to view than the old system (where you had to click on something and open a sub-menu window in order to view the different color options of a given object).

I read somewhere online that listening to the Children's Music station on the radio or watching the Kids' TV channel slightly increases your chances of having twins or triplets, and doing both at once (you actively view the TV, and when the radio's on you get a "enjoying music" moodlet), you greatly increase your chances. After one attempt I'm pleased (or not-so-pleased) to report that this is entirely true! The family I plopped down into a house for purposes of going through the tutorial had twin baby boys last night. They don't wear diapers, they come swaddled from head to toe. Their face and arms stick out, and they'll move their arms a bit. You can actually click on and select infants! You can view their needs! :D Infants arrive in the world with two traits. My SimMom had a happy pregnancy so one trait for each boy was preselected and I got to choose the other. I didn't know I had twins until after the first boy was named & trait was chosen, then the process I had for the first repeated itself (congrats, please name the kid; please choose a trait).

I really really like the openness of the neighborhood. Anytime I want I can send my sims to the park, museum, library, bookstore, etc. NO waiting times NO loading... it's nice! They can get around by walking if they're close enough, otherwise they take a taxi unless you've bought them a parking strip & a car or a bicycle stand and a bicycle. I'm looking forward to exploring it further!

These are laid out very differently, and I'm still learning my way around. You start an interaction by choosing a category: Friendly, Funny, Romantic, Special (options based on your traits), & Mean (there might be more, but I'm not remembering them). Then from within each category you have different options, again based on your traits. Some options will appear in Special (ie - a charisma trait of "get to know [sims' name]") and the same interaction will also appear in the Friendly menu. The same icon that identifies your traits in the sims profile tab, also is at the end of an interaction option specific to that trait.

Personality Traits:
There is NO zodiac, and no sloppy/neat outgoing/shy or other sliders. It's all about what 5 personality traits your Sims have. This is I think a complete list of the available traits. The traits a sim has will affect how the AI controls their actions while you're playing another family. Traits are partly inherited, and I think partly environmental (my tutorial family Sims had their twin sons born with the Virtuoso trait, and neither parent has that trait, nor do either of the parents have the artistic trait... so it was either random, or the result of the music the sim-mom listened to during pregnancy).

You don't actually have to keep a constant eye on the need bars anymore! If one gets low (or high) you'll get a little mood icon in a box on the main part of the control menu bar. There are LOTS of little moodlets - aching back due to unknown causes, then once pregnancy was discovered it was aching back due to pregnancy; plus there's sore muscles due to long workout yesterday; room's too dark; being outside; enjoying music; squeaky clean; cold shower due to cheap shower; etc. Moodlets have either positive, zero, or negative mood points, and those are what affect your overall mood bar. There's a little extra-high bonus area of the mood bar, and if you get your mood way up there, and fulfill wishes that you promised your sim you get extra happiness points.

Wishes & Happiness Points:
Wishes take the place of the Wants/Fears system in Sims2. Sims 3 is all about positive reinforcement, and there's no negative penalty for denying or canceling a promised wish. There's a window at the top where all of your sims wishes will be, and you can scroll through them to see what they are. You can promise up to 4 wishes at time (and promise just by clicking on one in the scroll window). Happiness Points result from fulfilling promised wishes. You can buy Rewards with your happiness points. There are lots of different rewards, from Steel Bladder (never pee again), to mid-life crisis (change all your traits), and etc. That same site I linked you two earlier has a list.

Things that are in/out:
In the game: gardening, multi-hued sims (green/pink/etc), & I'm sure there's more I'm just not remembering very well...
Out: weather, magic, spiral staircases, changing tables (you just spin the kid around and the diaper's changed & disappears, same for feeding - a bottle will appear out of thin air & disappear when you're done feeding the kid)

I'm looking forward to playing some more and getting a better feel for the game and how it works to have different families all moving/changing at once. In TS2 I was always one to focus on one family, and then I'd have two couples who were friends and grew up together... but one would be elders with teenagers (or adults) for children, where as the other would still have a infants/toddlers for children because I forgot to switch back and forth and play both families!

Right now, I think my playing style will be to pop in on all families, set them up with jobs, give them a little guidance on what to do (decorate house/yard/garden/etc), and then spend most of my playing time focusing on one or two families.

And now I get to go finish getting ready for work. If I do so quickly enough I'll have time to stop for a latte on my way in - something that's VERY much needed as how I barely got 6 hours of sleep last night!


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