Jun. 18th, 2006 09:14 pm
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And a weekend update!

My mom and I took V (my half-sister) over to the Coast for the day. It was beautiful! Nice and cloudy with a bit of a wind. We had lunch and then signed up for a horseback ride on the beach! A nice two hour beach ride, it was FABULOUS fun!! (My dad & my HTB joined us for the day at the Coast, but not the horse ride).

I'm currently winding down from the day of people all around me by playing Sims 2. I recently had to start a new neighborhood as I realized that having only a few families with a whole BUNCH of kids means that while they all have someone to marry for the 2nd generation, by the third generation the only options available are cousins... um, oops? So I started a new neighborhood and I'm populating it with several families and they're all only going to have a couple kids each.
Or at least that was my plan.

Of my 7 families with children (they all started the game with one or two kids I made in the Create-A-Sim screen), 4 of those families have given birth to twins. 4 sets of twins!! It's insane! 3 of those families the set of twins was meant to be the couple's 2nd child. One of those families I'd given them 2 kids in the CAS and the set of twins was meant to be their 3rd child.

I don't know what's going on, but I'm starting to get tired of trying to raise twins into children. They're ok as infants, but it's hellishly impossible as toddlers.
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I'm alive. I can't believe it's been so long since I've updated!

Work's still insanely busy. I miss my boss and if we knew when she'd be able to come back I'd be counting down the days.

Since work's so stressful I've just been coming home each evening and crashing on the computer. Lately I've been severly addicted & doing almost nothing but playing Sims2! :D
I take breaks (reluctantly) for important life activities like eating, using the restroom, and ensuring HTB & I have a supply of clean clothing.

lots of Sims2 babble this way )

More on RL. HTB & I have decided to take a class at the local community college together this summer, "Social Ballroom Dancing for Couples". It's on Saturday nights so it'll be easy to get to. I'm looking forward to it. Not that we're planning on having a big formal reception, but it's one of those things that HTB & I have both been wanting to learn how to do. :)

And now that my lunch is almost over I should try and see if the rain's going to let up enough for me to go for a walk.
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So I had a huge Sims2 urge to fulfill.

Started back up with my single woman's household, family aspiration. Found an NPC that she got along with, eventually they fell in love and I married them off. They immediately got pregant. Only probably was that the NPC didn't contribute a lot of wealth to the household. So I was only able to manage a minor remodel. I expanded the 2 bedroom 1 bath into a 2 bedroom 2 bath, with a nice & extra large master suite.
The master suite had just enough room in it for a crib & a changing table, and the master bath was quite large. The 2nd bedroom remained empty and would comfortably hold 1 kid's bed and assorted toys.

The remodel cost me all but the last $700 I had.

So of course... I get TWINS!

I managed to buy 2 cribs, but I couldn't afford a changing table. And of course it's the dad's day off so I don't get any money (the mom works and she gets only a hundred & something as a culinary track hostess). And the dad is a knowledge aspiration sim who has a fear of changing diapers!

But twins! Twin boys no less. Mom's named Lucy, dad is Benjamin, and the boys are named Adrian and Braden. I'm thinking about moving one of the boys' crib into the very large master bath so that when one wakes up they don't both wake up.
I'm excited, but scared!


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