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MrB & I are going to go for a hike tomorrow with his Brother & SIL and their two malamutes.

We're going to Kentucky Falls, and it's in the Coast Range, in the rainforest side (not the rainshadow side). It's my favorite kind of hike... one that's off the main road & takes at least two forest roads to get to! It's a paved road off US101, then it's onto a forest road until the pavement ends, then 3 more miles, then another forest road, and then finally the trail head. It's a total of 36 miles off the main road, it doesn't sound like much, but all those little forest roads are usually slow going. Good thing the entire family has Subarus! :D MrB & I each have one of course, but my BIL and his wife also have one! No worries for us about unpaved forest roads!

And now, finally... a picture of all the fabric I bought last weekend!! :D

PR Weekend 2009 Fabric

Link to very large version of labeled view

-The red jersey in the middle I think I'm going to make up first (at least once I get my cotton/silk halter-top dress, my linen shirtdress, and linen skirt done). It's going to be this mock-wrap dress from a German pattern magazine called Burda Fashion.

-The stretch cotton print from Mill End (upper left corner) is going to be a top of some kind. The fabric is just so nice & colorful, and it'll make a great bright top.

-The denim (underneath the cotton print) is going to be a skirt, I bought 2.5 yards so I have enough for it to shrink a lot and still have enough to do a nice A-line or full skirt if I want (though I think it might just become a nice classy pencil skirt).

-The two wools are going to be suit-type things (underneath the denim). The cream & gray houndstooth will be a jacket and a flowy flared or a-line skirt. The solid gray will be a jacket, a pair of pants, and maybe a pencil skirt if I can squeeze it in.

-The print from Josephine's Dry Goods (underneath the red jersey) is going to be a dress. I also bought a nice shiny gray ribbon (about 1.5" wide), and a thin green ribbon that I'm going to put on top of the other. This is going to be trim to go around the hem of the dress, and possibly around a waist or empire waist.

-The 21-wale corduroy (the dark brown & white houndstooth at the bottom in the middle) is VERY soft, and I think it would make an amazing casual unlined jacket.

-The nice bright aqua-colored Pimatex cotton (top right corner) is 96% cotton and 4% stretch, and it's going to be a blouse of some sort.

-The gray Ambiance (in the middle, on the right) going to be lining for the two wools, as is the lighter gray silk charmeuse (on the right, underneath the darker Ambiance).

-The teal silk charmeuse (next to the gray silk) is going to be a sleeveless (or short/cap sleeve) shell.


Apr. 26th, 2009 09:03 am
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The quilting class yesterday was SO good! I spent the *entire* day (9am - 4:30pm) working on my quilt. I got the strips for inner & outer border cut, attached like-colored strips together with a nice diagonal seam to form one very long strip, then attached the two colors together. Strips were sewn to the 4 edges... then I learned how to make mitered corners! :D I did a good job with them, too!

And I got the quilt layered, and was SOOO happy to learn that my nice navy blue backing fabric was the *exact* right size. So now my quilt is layered & pinned, and awaiting quilting. I bought a walking foot, and the teacher gave us sample quilt sandwiches to practice quilting on.

I got a pretty varigated thread in shades of purple to do the quilting with, and a nice navy to match my backing fabric for the bobbin.

I'm *almost* done with my short-sleeve shirt! I just need to finish the buttonholes (4 down, 7 to go). The buttonholes on the cuffs were easy, making sure I get th buttonholes spaced correctly on the shirt is going to be a bit more challenging.

I can't wait until my shirt is done - not just so I can finally wear it, but so I can start quilting my quilt! After all the time & effort I've put into making the blocks & putting them together, the end is finally in sight, and I'm very eager to have it done!

And yes, I also have 1 more sewing project waiting my attention (a halter-top dress), plus two more projects I've just recently bought fabric & patterns for (a shirtdress & a jacket)! This 4-day weekend was very nice, and I had a lot of time to relax & unwind & get some projects done around the house.

However, I could *easily* take the entire next week off and not get bored! But sadly, work is going to be very busy for the next 6-8 weeks... which is why I took this 4 day weekend while I could! I might have time to take a day here or there, but certainly not before my sewing conference/gettogether in Portland in 3 weeks! I really want to have my halter top dress done so I can wear it to the conference. And since I still haven't even cut out my muslin, I better get cracking! And I better find a way to get at least a little sewing done in my evenings after work.

So I guess this is my, current :P, priority order:
1) buttons on shirt
2) halter-top dress muslin
3) halter-top dress
4) finish quilt! :D
5) linen shirtdress
6) linen jacket
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I had such high hopes for yesterday!

I didn't quite get my shirt finished. The shoulders were much too wide for me, so I ended up narrowing them by about an inch. I was close to getting the second sleeve's cuff sewn & finished when I realized I'd spend the last several minutes trying to iron with an iron I'd forgotten to plug in! :/

At that point I decided that for my own personal safety, perhaps I was a bit too tired to actually continue sewing any further. :)

So the shirt has one sleeve in, and one that I still need to finish the cuff and attach it to the shirt. Then I have a crapload of buttonholes to make (11 to be exact), and an equal number of buttons to sew on before I can say the shirt is totally done.

But today, I get to finish my quilt!! :D I'm a little worried that my backing fabric isn't big enough... but I have enough extra fabric that I can give it a border or something to make it bigger. I'm excited about how it's going to turn out! :D
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So I went to JoAnn's to get buttons for the short sleeve shirt I've been working on (m5630), and batting for the quilt I'm going to finish in a class on Saturday. I happily managed to come across the *perfect* purple Ambiance to use to line my halter top dress (that I still need to cut out the muslin for).

Well, the McCall's pattern sale sucked me in! I picked up McCall 5815, and McCall 5847.

The jacket (m5815, view A) is going to be made from a 100% beige/natural linen I found at JoAnn's (lined with beige Ambiance, a nice breathable rayon lining fabric)), and the shirtdress (m5847) is going to be from a chocolate brown 100% linen. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to line it. It'll depend on how soft (or not) the linen ends up after washing. Right now it's a fairly scratchy medium/heavy-weight fabric, and if it doesn't soften up I'm definitely going to want to line it. It'd be great lined with a nice lightweight cotton batiste (or I could use that nice rayon Ambiance).

If only I could sew as fast as I can think up ideas (& buy patterns & fabric)!! :D

I don't think I'll get my shirt (McCall 5630) finished today. I'm half-way through putting the center button/buttonhole strips on, the I have to do the collar, sleeves & cuffs, then do the buttons & buttonholes.

The shoulder princess seams on the shirtdress called to me! To make the shirtdress better go with the shawl collar of the jacket I'm thinking about doing away with the collar on the shirtdress. But maybe the two collars will be ok together. I'll have to see.
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It's been an interesting past few days:

1) MrB's motherboard arrived, but is defective. This is an older model of motherboard, so anything we buy will likely be a refurb. :( So we're going to have to spend money and buy him a new board & new processor & new memory.

2) I tried to updated ZoneAlarm like it asked me to, and while it's working, the control panel/UI is totally blank. This is irritating. I'm going to try downloading the new software, completely uninstalling ZA, then doing a fresh new install. This means I'll get to spend the 'joy' of re-training the damn software. Ah well. There could be worse things.

3) I realized I have my sewing get-together in Portland in just under a month, and I still have a shirt to finish, and I WANT to have that halter-top dress done... the dress I haven't even started the muslin for.

5) Exactly one week from today I have my final quilt class. Sometime between now & then I have to buy (& maybe wash) batting, plus choose, buy, wash, & iron fabric for the outer border.

6) My folks are out of town so MrB & I said we'd go over to their place today and play with the cat & water the plants & stuff. Grandma who lives next door, is doing the day-to-day caretaking of the cat & such, but she's delicate/frail and there's a lot she can't lift/do.

7) At work, the group of people who make the decisions are blithering idiots with the biggest set of blinders to reality I've ever seen. This yea'rs budget process should be very interesting.

8) My state has the second highest unemployement rate in the country. Only Michigan and their auto industry is ahead of us. :(

That's all.

Now I wake up enough so I don't injure myself on my sewing machine, and then get started on my shirt! The shirt is a pattern designed by the woman whose seminar I'm going to at the sewing event next month. I'm hoping if I wear it that day, then I might get some free pointers on how to improve the fit. :) [I've also *never* been accused of failing to be 'teacher's pet'/'suck-up'... so who am I to disappoint]
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I'm really excited to try this out and see where DW goes!  The NKOTB-addict in me is highly amused that I'm going to be referring to Donnie Whalber'gs intials a lot around here  ;)

I'm also trying & failing to come up with a meaningful & momentous of a first post as I think this occasion deserves.  Of course, this likely won't remain a 'first' post, as I'm going to import all my LJ posts.

So I'll turn this first post into a little projects-update.  I enjoy sewing (a lot) and wish I could just take a full week off work and stay home and do nothing but sew!

I have a short sleeved shirt that's been adjusted & cut out & I just need to sit down and sew it together.  Though I did the adjusting when I thought I was a cup size smaller than I really am.  I only have three bras that are in the new correct size, so I'm curious to see how my unsewn shirt will fit in the new bras compared to the old ones. I should pin-fit &/or baste the shirt together wearing one of the new bras... that way I'll be able to (hopefully) fine tune some adjustments before doing the final sewing.

I'm also taking a class on quilting (well, actually four classes, I've got three down & 1 to go), just because I thought it would be something fun to learn.  I like learning things!

The quilting is actually a bit more frustrating for me than I thought it'd be.  I'm very much a perfectionist, so the fact that my blocks aren't all exactly the same size & don't have all their bits & pieces lined up correctly is difficult for me.  The blocks look really good from a distance of 2-3 feet, so I'm trying to remember that I still have gorgeous fabrics, put together in an interesting and beautiful way, and it's going to be a great quilt!  To finish it I have to make 16 more blocks (I'm hoping to do that this weekend), then go shopping for batting, and go shopping for a fabric for the outer border. I have a nice white fabric that will work just fine for the inner border.  I also have to sew all my rows together before the final class (but first I have to finish the rest of the blocks so my rows are complete)!

I have this weekend and next weekend to accomplish these things, because I have my final quilt class on the 28th where I'm going to learn how to put it all together!

I've got to decorate around here!  I want to play with colors, layouts, & mood themes!
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I finished this black fleece top a couple months ago, but finally got around to taking pictures and writing a review.
Photos behind here )

Review of the jacket can be found here.

Review of the top is here.

I'm most proud of that jacket. The pink binding was really difficult to get on evenly (and it's not as perfect as I'd like), but I love the finished look it provides. Plus I like the pink/black combination. :D

Now this weekend I can proceed to my pending projects guilt-free!! I love reading other peoples reviews at, so I feel guilty when I've got a project finished but haven't gotten around to posting a review of said project.

This weekend I want to:
-Finish a black fleece hat (with pink topstitching to match my jacket)
-Adjust, cut out, & possibly sew a spring skirt from these fabrics:
(the white is going to be a contrast border), and I hope to sew & complete a gray knit dress.

-Get my adjusting done for my halter top dress. That way next weekend I can cut & sew the muslin and get the teacher's help in fitting it.


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