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Yipes! It's amazing how time flies, I looked at my calendar and I see it's been a week since I've written.

My new job's going quite well. I'm slowly figuring everything out, and slowly making suggestions for how I think things should be done differently.
Today I get to really start diving in to the world of budgeting. It's going to be a big part of my job (the next few months especially), and it's something I've only had experience from on the other end (as an auditor looking to see if all the rules were followed).

I've been researching bed & breakfasts that are up in the mountains about an hour east of here. The boy & I want to get married somewhere up there. Up in the woods, it's very much *us*. We won't have any help from my family (or his) in paying for the wedding, but at least we have 2 years to save up for it. Though with the way each of our incomes and expenses are, I don't know how much we'll be able to save. He's coming to visit this weekend and on Saturday we're going to go drive up and look at some of the bed & breakfasts I've found online.
I'm looking forward to it! (except not the part where they tell me how much money they want and I faint and fall over)
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I got the job!!!! :D The one at the district attorney's office. They're even going out of their way and writing a special letter to HR to hire me at the highest step they can. It's still a bit of a cut from what I had been making, but it's not bad. And considering this is government, the pay is very good indeed. It's almost exactly the same as what I was first hired on at my last job for. That job then promoted me too soon and gave me a raise and a promotion I didn't have the skills for (which then caused me to only be evaluated at that too-high level and wind up getting fired). So, really, this new job pays very well.

I'll be doing a bit of everything for this department of the county. Administering all their grants, inputting the invoices to get paid, arranging and paying for travel for court & grand jury witnesses, interacting with the grand jury baliffs (I think for payment for witness fees), and inventorying & stocking the cupboard where all the office supplies are kept.

I'm getting more and more excited about it as time goes by. I had no idea a government could move this fast, but I guess they really needed someone. I had my initial interview with them on Wednesday. Wednesday afternoon they asked me to come in Thursday afternoon for a 2nd interview. They called me at 3:30pm Thursday afternoon to offer me the job. I start on the 15th. The main person I'll be working with will be out on vacation that week. She was a bit worried I wouldn't have enough to do, but she's arranging trainings and has found a few little things I can do. She also said it'd be nice for me to have that slower week to organize my office.

I'm just thrilled!! Because I'll be in a union, even though I'm salaried I'll get compensation time for every hour I work over 40 hours a week. I'll get to take it as time off later, or if I have more than 40 comp hours built up anything over that gets paid out at straight time every April & October. :)
I was a bit worried when going through my job search that I'd end up with a job that was slightly over my head and I'd have to struggle at it and risk being fired (like what happened at my last job). But this one is just right. It's stuff that's new to me, but it's stuff I've seen and audited enough of that I'll be able to handle it ok.

So, not only do I have a new job, but I'll get to see my boy 3 weekends in a row!! He's coming to visit this weekend (his new schedule of working 80 hours in 9 workdays starts), then I'm going to go visit him the next weekend, then he has a 3 day weekend (due to President's day, a holiday I'll now get) and he's going to come visit me again then!


I have a job!! A good one! Though my new office doesn't have a window... but it's a government job, in an old government building. And when I do have a window I am *very* prone to getting distracted and daydreaming out the window.


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