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Bass from downstairs neighbor's stereo system was driving HTB & I *insane* Friday night.

I called & left a message with the management office.
They called back Saturday afternoon for more details, and said that they'd make the offending neighbor a friendly courtesy phone call.

I was told that if (or more like when) it happens again, that I should stop by the office and fill out an Incident Complaint form. The offending neighbor would then get an official letter.
If it happened again after that, I should go fill out another Incident Complaint form and another (I'm hoping more severe/firm) letter would be sent.

Hopefully after a letter or two the guy will get the message and turn down his damn bass or he'll get kicked out for violating the rules.

I've only seen him in passing, and just at first glance he looks like he's a college kid who's living on his own, out of mommy & daddy's house, out of the dorms, etc for the first time and is going "yeah! No one telling me what to do, I can turn my music up as loud as I want!"

I really miss my old neighbors. A nice mid-to-late 30's single mom with a pre-teen/early-teenage son. Never made any noise, I hardly knew they were there. Perfect neighbors.

I'm seriously thinking about the possibility of whether HTB & I can find a decent not too expensive house to rent when this apartment lease is up. But I LOVE this place, and how it faces out over a natural area, and all the birds & trees & stuff right out my window & patio. :)
It'd be perfect if I could just get rid of this damn neighbor!
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I'm currently attempting to recover from a cold bug that hit me pretty hard (settled in my chest & quickly transformed into Bronchitis according to my Dr). Last week, I was at work for all of an hour and 15 minutes. Holiday, a couple of pre-scheduled vacation days, then I was out sick for almost all Thursday & all of Friday. Made it into the office yesterday, but I'm still hacking & coughing on a regular basis. I'm more than a little tired of it.
Thinking about whether or not I want to go home early again today. I probably will as my wonderful boss came in and said that her boss (big boss for me) would be out all afternoon and wouldn't need me around to do anything.

I tried to get to sleep early last night. I even made it into bed before 9:30. But as I was attempting to drift off to sleep I kept hearing this quiet/muffled banging noise. It took me a while to figure out what in the world it was, but I eventually decided that my new downstairs neighbor must have a drum set.
Around 10 I thumped my foot on the floor several times, and the noise stopped.
If it happens again, I'm gonna thump my foot on the floor a heck of a lot sooner.

Drums should not be allowed in apartments.

I'm feeling a distinct lack of bubbly/bounciness lately. I'm sure it's due to the cold. I'm ready for it to be done so I can get back to normal.


Aug. 27th, 2005 05:58 pm
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I miss my old downstairs neighbors. A lot. A *whole* lot.

New neighbors moved in today.

How did I determine this?
It wasn't the car in the assigned parking space for that apartment, nor was it the moving truck outside.

It was the joyous feeling of vibrating floors and constant thumping I've had to endure all. damn. day. (it was thumping when I got home from visiting my parents at 3pm, and it's been thumping ever since)

::suppresses urge to throw things & cut the power lines to the downstairs apartment::

I actually got up the nerves to walk down to the apartment, knock on the door, introduce myself and ask them to turn the music down.

I don't know what I was thinking. Of course the new resident was completely unable to hear me knocking on the door, and these apartments don't come with doorbells.

So I called and left a message at the apartment complex's management office to complain.

I can't live like this!
I can't even enjoy my own living room any more. It's insane!

ETA: Managed to catch my new neighbor as he was getting out of his pickup, on his way to unload some more stuff into his new apartment. I introduced myself, and mentioned that he'd had the music going quite loudly all afternoon. He was very nice about it, apologized and said he'd go turn it off. [note to self: I think he said his name was Russell]. Hopefully the music won't become an issue in the future. I told him I had a birdfeeder up, but that I had lots of mats down on my balcony floor so there shouldn't be any mess falling down to his patio, but if there was to please let me know. He was very nice about it and said that he doubted it'd be a problem. I really hope that today will be the last of my thumping music problems with him.
::am very relieved::
::hopes headache will now be able to go away soon::


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