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I'm moved... Most of the boxes have been unpacked.

It feels nothing like 'home' yet. I think that's gonna take a while. I don't start my new job until a week from tomorrow. I think I'm going to need each & every minute to get things unpacked & straightened out just the way I want them.

I finally got my cable internet hooked up earlier today. I've been too busy to try & catch up with LJ. I don't think I have the energy left to try and catch up on anything tonight. I'm likely to be at skip=a zillion. I haven't read LJ since Friday afternoon.
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It's also my last day at my current job.

And tomorrow morning at this time, I'll be rushing around this bare-ass apartment, getting in the way of my Mom & Dad, and we'll all be trying to get everything ready to load up into the moving truck.

I'm gonna have to disconnect my computer tonight! :(
My parents do *not* understand my addiction, and have been constantly encouraging me to disconnect & pack it up earlier in the week. But, I just couldn't do that.

I’ve got everything disconnected on this end. And I’ve arranged for everything to get hooked up on the other end.
The phone will be hooked up by the end of the day on Monday, and the cable (& cable internet!) will be hooked up between 8am & 10am Tuesday.

I hate moving!! But, at least it’s almost over. I can’t wait to get my computer reinstalled on the other end, and hook my speakers back up. I disconnected them & packed them away earlier as ‘nonessential’ items. And of course, in the 2 days since then, there’s been video & music of stuff I haven’t seen that I’ve been able to download but not listen to. Patience is a virtue, right?
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Moving date is getting closer & closer.

I think I've gotten all of the utilities stopped & started at the correct places.

I'm going to have to pack up my computer Friday night after work and load all the parts in the backseat of my car. That sucker's gonna be one of the first things unloaded.

And a very good thing about this move? Right now I pay around $42 a month for cable internet. This gets me 768Kb DL & 128Kb upload. The cable internet at my new place is the same price per month. And for that price, I get 1.5Mb download, and 256Kb upload. But, it gets better. Starting around the first of the year, those download & upload speeds will (almost) double. I'll get 3Mb down & 384 up. And they said they're gonna do that & not raise prices.

<---- is happy!!
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Good news:
-packing is coming along nicely
-Grandma is here helping Mom (& me) finish packing & cleaning
-I was able to download a clip of JC presenting on the RMA's last night
-I found a place to live & my parents are willing to loan me the money I need for deposit & first month's rent
-I was also able to download JC's Some Girls mp3

Bad news:
-my entire life is in boxes
-my computer no longer has speakers (so while I was able to watch JC presenting, I have yet to hear him)
-I haven't yet been able to hear JC's official website version of Some Girls (I'm considering finding a way to get it to the office so I can listen to it there)

I just want this move to be over!! A week from now, I should hopefully have everything in my new apartment. It may or may not be unpacked to the point of livability, but with all my family in the same town as me, that's not all that important. Especially since Friday is my last day of work at my current job, and I don't start my new job until Wednesday Nov. 12th.
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Packing to move is hard work.

It's not much fun either.

Did I mention it was exhausting?



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