Mar. 8th, 2006 01:13 pm
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Had a very good talk with HTB last night, and as a result we finalized his FAFSA and he's going to call Enrollment Services at our local community college.

He found out yesterday that his 90-day contract (through a local employment agency) has been extended until May 31st, so he'll be continuing to work at the internal help desk of BigCompany until then.

After that he's going to (hopefully) find a part-time job and go back to school.
Since all the stuff with financial aid takes a while, and Summer Term (well technically, Quarter) is odd enough to begin with, he might just wait and work this summer and start school with Fall Term in September.

I'm just glad we've finally reached a decision and are doing something! I'm still a bit anxious to try and get details on what sort of financial aid he's going to get & how far it'll stretch. Money's going to be tight, but this is a very good thing for him (& us) to do.
I'm very pleased & *very* proud of him. I've never had to try and make that mental jump from full-time gainfully employed adult citizen to older-than-the-average-age college student.

Completely unrelatedly, I'm in need of a new nsync (or individual member or any combination thereof) moodtheme.
Anybody have any they can recommend?
::bats eyelashes::
Pretty please?
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HTB got a job offer here in town! With that good company that has a very nice educational reimbursement policy!

They want him to start ASAP. :)

And he got an interview with the local university for a part-time computer person. It's part-time, but the *fabulous* benefit of getting to take classes at 25% normal rates more than makes up for it! Especially for someone who wants to go back to school.
It's only an interview though, so no counting chickens before they hatch. :)

All that worrying for nothing it seems.

::jumps around in pure blissful happiness::

::ignores all the not-so-fun bit coming up in regards to moving HTB & HTB's stuff::
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::pats self on back::

A full 2 months after I got engaged I finally remembered that I still needed to call my grandparents so. (the key would also be that not only did i remember, but that I also actually got off my ass to call them). It's not like I have a kazillion grandparents and simply forgot this pair. I have a grandmother who lives in town (& I told her along with my parents the day after). And I have this set of grandparents. And that's it.

I suppose 2 months late is better than what it could've been, right? Oh well. I also told them that hubby-to-be & I were coming down to visit them (& HTB's mom) over labor day weekend. It just so happens that HTB's mom lives in a little suburb about half-an-hour from where my grandparents live! So we're going to go down there (get a hotel room in the middle) and visit both relatives. HTB's mom has been making noises about how she wants to get to know me & whatnot. That's probably the main reason for the visit down there. Last time HTB was over here (or maybe the visit before last) he called his mom (because she'd emailed him wanting to talk with him). And since he was visiting me, she told him to turn the cell phone over to me after she was done talking to him and she & I talked for a bit (maybe 20 minutes?). She's a nice lady. I think she'll be a decent Mother-in-law. That feels really weird to think about (& even weirder to type out)!! A mother-in-law? Am I old enough to have one of those? [I suppose if I'm old enough to get enagaged, I'm old enough to have a mother-in-law].

A question for the universe of LJ to hopefully answer for me: Is there an actual word for your spouse's sister-in-law? Because right now, the only way I can think of to refer to that individual is to call her "my brother-in-law's wife". And that just seems really awkward. You'd think that there would be a better word/phrase for it...
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Hubby-to-be & I had a very nice weekend planned for this weekend. Emphasis on had., by the way...

He called me just a few minutes ago, as he does around this time driving almost every evening he drives over to see me. Well this time he wasn't calling because he reached the area of good cell coverage in Bend and had time to talk.

He was calling because he hit a deer.

His car's leaking fluid, scraping on the right side, and he just had to pull over because he was overheating. I guess the deer damaged the radiator?

We were going to go stay up on the northern part of the Oregon coast, where I used to live, and then have a wonderful leisurely drive back down the coast on Sunday.

Instead I'm going over to Bend tomorrow morning to spend the weekend with him while he tries to find a mechanic on Memorial Day weekend to fix his car.

Maybe we'll still be able to go do some fun stuff...


6 straight months of nearly other weekend visits... a deer vs car incident was bound to happen sooner I suppose. At least my HTB's not hurt! I hope the car repair bill won't be too much... or rather, I hope his insurance deductible isn't very high. Though knowing his insurance rates (which are now just gonna go higher) he probably has a fairly hefty deductible to try and keep his rates as low as possible.

Now I have to go repack my suitcase for weather on the other side of the mountains, and get all ready to go so that as soon after I get up tomorrow morning I can hit the road and go be with my boy!

ETA: Looks like we're just going to put a bunch of miles on my car. He's gonna tow his car to the Subaru dealership, sleep in his car, and I'm going to head out to pick up him first thing tomorrow morning. Then we're going to turn around and head to the coast.

I imagine we'll then spend Monday evening driving out to Bend so he can go be with his car, and so I can get to work on Tuesday morning.

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God! It feels like forever since I've updated.

I've *meant* to update this almost everyday, at various times through out the day but by the time I get to a place & time when I actually *can* update I get busy with something else.

Between the darn lighbox that takes up my morning time (which used to be spend parked in front of the computer while I ate breakfast and slowly woke up enough to get to the point where I could shower without drowning to death). And then my evenings are tight, because I have only 2 hours between the time I get off work and when my boy & I get on NetMeeting to talk.
I can't wait until I'm done with this darn lightbox and I can spend my mornings in front of the computer again. :)

Life's been good. Slowly settling in to my new job. I'm really liking it. No overtime (or very little, and what I do have I get guaranteed comp time I can take at a later time), no travel (YAY!!!), and a much lower-stress job! :D The job's also a bit easier for me, so I'm really doing well at it. It's a nice change to get compliments and recognition for doing something well more often that I get criticized and chastized. In fact I haven't gotten chastized or criticized at all at my new job.

Home life is going good. Put up a birdfeeder on the balcony of my apartment. I can see it from the table & the kitchen sink! It's been LOTS of fun. :) I'm slowly learning to recognize the different birds that are coming to my feeder. I have all sorts of mats and things down on the floor of my balcony to try and prevent the sunflower seed shells from dropping down onto my poor unsuspecting/undeserving neighbor.

Personal life is going really, really good. The boy & I celebrate our 1-year anniversary this weekend! ::bounces:: We're going to go out to dinner. I'd forgotten, but *he* reminded me that we wanted to go out to dinner at the place where his brother & sister-in-law took us for our first date. :)

Eek.... running out of time! I still need to eat lunch & walk to the stationary store to pick out an anniversary card to give to m2! I wonder what else I should give him for our anniversary? I really should get him something, especially as how depending on the time he receives his tax refund a round metal object with a hard stone may be in my immediate future! :)

So, people, any ideas?
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A wonderful weekend was had. :D Saw a couple of nice bed & breakfasts, one of which would be just perfect for our itty-bitty little wedding ceremony. Hopefully we can just rent the lawn for a few hours, and not have to pay for renting the b & b for the entire night. Though I hope they can guarantee us privacy in the back yard for the ceremony and taking pictures & everything. I'm afraid to call up & find out how much money they want.

Finally watched The Notebook. REALLY good movie!! Every now and then I got a bit distracted when a picture of Baby!Justin & Baby!Ryan hamming it up on MMC popped into my head. I shook it away and refocused on the movie, though. It was a GOOD movie. It did leave me with a bit of an urge to watch some old footage. I've been meaning ot work out too, so maybe I'll do both.

I had NO clue that this movie was um... spoiler? cut ) If you haven't seen this movie yet, you need to grab your sweetie (or your best friend) and go rent this movie. Now. Right now. Stop reading this and go get it.
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Well firstly (since a little box popped up and told me so) Happy Birthday [ profile] bartinigirl03!!!

And secondly, the boyfriend had to leave yesterday. Twas sad, but not nearly as sad as that first goodbye.
We looked at engagement rings over the weekend. That was a lot of fun. " " *g*
I've discovered that I have a fondness for the more old-fashioned, vintage looking rings. However, my dilemma is that I don't want a ring that sticks up a whole bunch, because 1) I'm a *bit* clumsy, and I WILL catch it on things, and 2) I'm not someone who wears a lot of jewelry (I'll wear earrings every now and then, when I remember to put a pair in). And the dilemma comes in the fact that 90% of the rings that don't stick up (much or at all) are very modern and contemporary looking. We did find some though, including a very nice vintage looking engagement ring & wedding band set at Costco.
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Happy Thanksgiving!!!!! (to my American friends, anyway - Happy Thursday to everyone else)

Since it is Thanksgiving morning, this means that by 4 o'clock I need to have 2 pumpkin pies made, whip cream made, and vegetarian gravy made. And while I have everything I need to make the pumpkin pies & the whip cream, I'm afraid I need to go to that most frightening of places - the grocery store on Thanksgiving morning! Yikes! I should get dressed, and go now. But I just woke up, and I still have another hour and a half on my lightbox.

I see JC is scheduled to be on a tv show soon. I don't know what he's going to be doing, but I don't think it'll be very much. I counted 7 different guests, on a show that's only scheduled to be an hour long. :/

And on another happy note:
He's here! He's here! He's here, he's here, he's here!!!!!!! ::bounces with giddiness::

My wonderful weekend plans include the following;
-Go see Polar Express (and wince at how crowded it's going to be when we go on Friday or Satruday)
-Go window shopping for an engagement ring!! :D

I've had some fun looking at pictures and reading up different stuff online. I'm one of those women who doesn't wear much jewelry. I'll wear earrings 2 or 3 days a week, I don't usually remember or think of putting them in more often than that. I've never really worn rings. So, with this in mind, the only things I think I might want in a ring is one that doesn't have sharp corners (no square/princess or diamond/marquis cuts for me). And one that doesn't stick up very high - because if it's possible to catch a ring on something, I know that I *will* find a way to do exactly that.
Plain solitaire rings look odd, but when joined with a wrap wedding band, look quite nice. I've seen these styles (some places call them 'cathedral' or 'contoured') where the band rises up to meet the stone, so the stone isn't sitting way high up in the air all by itself. I haven't been able to figure out if they make wraps for those types of rings though.

I can tell. I'm gonna have a WONDERFUL weekend!!

I hope that all of you do, too!
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YAY!!!! My boy'll be able to come over here for Thanksgiving! :D


That means we get to go ring window-shopping this weekend. That'll be all kinds of fun! :)
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[insert massive amount of curse words here]

The Good News: The boyfriend got a job (pending the results of the drug test & background check)!! :)

The Bad News: It's 8 hours away from me.

Looks like I'll get to do the long-distance relationship thing (again). He and I have done this before (though that was when we were in the get-to-know-you stage of dating, and things have now progressed far beyond that point).

Now I get to sit down and really figure out if I want to move to be where he is. A lot of that decision depends on how long he thinks he's going to be there. I have another 7 and a half months on my apartment lease, and I can't possibly move before that runs out. So, at least I have several months to think about all of this. Several months to see how well he/I/we will manage having a long-distance relationship, how long he thinks he'll be over there, how important the ties that are keeping me here are to me (& how strong they are), and all the other issues that are going to come up with having a long-distance relationship that is at this particular stage.

I think I should buy stock in Southwest Airlines!
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Scanned back through my recent journal entries and realized I didn't share nearly enough about the wedding the boyfriend & I attended last week.

The boyfriend was asked to escort the bride's mother down the aisle and be an usher. I may have gotten all gooey inside and may have had a big smile on my face when he walked down the aisle in a nice suit with a candle-lighter (the big long metal kind they use in churches) to light all the candles up at the front (this was done alongside the 1 other usher). *g*

I haven't actually attended a wedding before (unless you count the time the boyfriend & I were witnesses to the boyfriend's brother & (now) sister-in-law's wedding in Reno). I hadn't seen a unity candle thing before. They had one, and it was really cool. It was very neat how each of the moms went up simultaneously at the beginning of the ceremony to light a candle and then the bride and groom each took 'their' candle to jointly light a candle in the middle. It was very nice.

The minister-person (I can't recall his exact 'title', as they're different in every religion/denomination), shared both the bride and the groom's reason for getting married. The groom's reason for getting married was because she completed him. The bride's reason was because he gave her security and stability. Um. ok...

And now, I suppose I've really & truly stalled long enough and I really, really should get some actual work done this morning.
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Got back from the trip with the boyfriend to go see/participate in a friend's wedding.

The wedding was a relatively small one (approx. 75 guests, 1 matron of honor, 1 bridesmaid, 1 best man, 1 groomsman, 2 flower girls, & 1 ringbearer)... yet I was simply shocked as we watched the rehearsal and then the wedding how much work is involved and what a 'production' it all is.

Running off to Reno is sounding better and better. So is running off to a cute little Bed & Breakfast in the woods, inviting a *very* small number of family members and a justice of the peace.

Am just now having to adjust to the time change (as we went into the Mountain Time Zone and gained an hour on the day the clocks went back an hour).

And the only comments I can make coherently at this time about the results of Tuesday... absolutely devastated, crushed, inconsolably disappointed.

There's more I want to say, but I forgot to bring my smaller travel lightbox with me to work (I had removed it from my office to bring with me on my recent travel to attend the aforementioned wedding). And I need to get back to work (just as I left things, there's way too much to do and not enough time to do it in)...
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The good news is that the boyfriend got a phone call to schedule an interview. The bad news is that the phone call came from the place he drove 8 hours (back to where he used to live) last weekend to drop off a resume in person.

I've also made the discovery that when one is of the nature to plan one's future, in as far in advance as possible (though the plans may be nebulous), when something else comes pops up in life, it is *very* difficult to shift one's mental attitude.
extreme babbling and direct release of mental anxiety and stressors )
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The main reason I haven't been posting this past week is because I've been out of town on a business trip. I got back Friday evening.

The other reason is that I've been busy losing my mind and what's left of my mind I've been using to drive myself crazy.

the babbling is this way )


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