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So about three weeks ago HTB & I made a huge shopping trip at a large electronics warehouse-type store. Read all about Our initial purchases here.

Since then we've bought a few more things to make it fully functional. Some channels have fabulous reception, even better than I get over straight cable (a couple channels have some seriously bad ghosting or bleed through of other channels). Other channels are ever-so-slightly fuzzy, but they're very much within the bounds of reason, and are completely watchable (without frustration or irritation even).

The other stuff we've bought:
1 package of a dual-tuner capture card & tivo-like software = $200 (Hauppauge PVR-500MCE bundled with a remote & BeyondTV4 software - with no extra subscription or other fees ever required, and it does the whole scheduling thing perfectly)
1 cable signal amplifier = $35
assorted cables, splitters, & switch boxes = $65 (the switch box solved our problem of having only 2 inputs on the TV, and only 1 s-video input, and having 3 things needing to be plugged in, 2 of which were s-video connections)
1 new video card = $68 (we bought me a new nVidia geForce 7300GS and used the one that came with my computer in January in the HTPC - it's a fan-less nVidia geForce 6200SE)

Total cost of this extra stuff = $368

Total cost of project = $1,268

It ended up being a LOT more expensive than either of us planned on. We could've saved money on the case, there were ones that were half the price of what we paid, but I really wanted a case that was *not* going to look like we had a computer in our living room.
We ended up having 2 remotes (we bought one initially, then the same exact one came bundled with the capture card & viewing/recording software), but it'll be good to have a spare if when one breaks or gets lost.

But all in all, both HTB & I are very, very, very pleased by how it all turned out.

Wanna see? clicky clicky for picture )
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Yesterday was a long day. I always forget how exhausting it is to be on your feet shopping in a noisy crowded environment for hours trying to decide what you need, what you want, and what you can afford.

We bought a bunch of things, and spent a bit more money than we were planning on. But we ended up with something we both really like, and something that will work very well for us for some time to come.

What we've bought so far:
The shopping list )

We've put all the above together, except we haven't installed the OS because we still need to buy a dual-tuner TV Capture card and a graphics card (since the on-board graphics on the motherboard doesn't have an S-Video out, and we're gonna need that in order to hook it up to the tv.
We're also going to have to get a splitter because the on-board sound on the motherboard has 8 channel audio, and my tv only takes stereo left & right. HTB says splitters of the kind we need exist.

Pictures will follow.
Here's a picture I snagged off of the internets of the case we bought!

I absolutely love it! It doesn't look like a PC at all, it looks a lot like another A/V component. The front has a volume knob, a firewire port, 2 USB 2.0 ports, a power button, a reset button, an integrated optical drive cover (so that I don't have to see the white/black/etc front of the DVD drive, it all matches), and a little display that we can program to scroll across all sorts of fun info (like weather, email updates, program info, and such)! :D

I'll be really happy when we get all the final pieces & it's up & running!
Today we string white ethernet cable (with the stapler/staple gun thing & staples we bought yesterday) and then we have to go shopping for a new tv stand.
My existing tv stand doesn't have enough shelves and while it's just wide enough to fit the HTPC it's not wide enough to allow the necessary airflow. Oops.


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