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Engagement has happened!
We climbed up a local mountain/hill called Spencer's Butte. He had a very nicely wrapped box in his backpack (which he's never taken with us before when we've climbed up this particular mountain, nor any other mountain). Then once we got to the top, he had to take his backpack with him to go investigate a rock around the corner. :) Then he had me come inspect said rock. The weather was perfect, there was a bit of drizzle earlier in the day which kept away almost everybody. The clouds/fog was slowly rolling over the top of the butte, going from one side to another.

<--is very happy!!!



::bounces some more::
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While my boyfriend lost points for not getting around to writing a valentine's card for me (he likes to write his own message), he got all kinds of points for getting me a really big boquet. Half a dozen roses & half a dozen stargazer lilies (that smell heavenly) & some other flowers. He did promise to have the thoughts/prose he said he had in his head down on a card by Thursday evening and that he would bring it with him when he leaves work on Friday and drives over to visit me this weekend. I got him a REALLY mushy card for valentine's day. :) I also got him a picture frame (simple metal frame, rectangular except the top is shaped like a semicircle and has two interlocked hearts centered in the middle). He was appreciative, but not really excited about it. Then I told him to take it all the way out of the box and unwrap it. He evidently didn't immediately assume that I had put a picture of us in it. Silly boy. Of course I did! Then he was really excited about it! He took it to work with him, to place by his computer monitor.

We also went to look at engagement rings again this weekend. We'd looked previously, but at his insistence he didn't want me looking at prices. He just wanted to get an idea of my tastes. And that's all fine and good but one really has to be realistic. So I told me I'd like to go looking at rings again, this time with reality in mind. We found a really nice one at Fred Meyer Jewelers. That would be this ring here. I hate how the picture doesn't really give you a good view from either the top or the side, and instead gives a kind of bad combination view. What I really like about this one is that it's not too modern, but has a good dose of traditionality in it. You can't see it in this picture, but it's open underneath the diamonds, and you can see though the two on the sides. The side underneath the center diamond has a really tiny little diamond set into the metal. It's really pretty. But best of all is that because of the way the diamonds are set into it nothing sticks up really high. The side diamonds are a couple of millimeters above the level of the band, and the center one is a couple of millimeters above the side diamonds. I like it. I told my boyfriend so. Several times. :) Luckily, he likes it too. The fact that the stones are so low set & so close to the band makes him feel very comfortable (reduces the chances that I might catch it on something and break/lose a stone or something). And at the price they're charging, it means I won't feel guilty for him purchasing something that I know he can't afford.

I didn't sleep really well. I woke up shortly after 3 o'clock, then 4, 4:30, and then finally when my alarm went off at 5:15. I have to get up early all this week, so I have enough time to do all of my lightbox here at home before I go to work. I start my new job today! Today is orientation, plus I get keys (I'm not sure to what yet, though), and my hand scanned into the computer/security system. I still don't know if I have to go through the metal detector & send my stuff through the x-ray machine every day. I really hope not. It'd be all kinds of annoying.
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Waiting for the boyfriend to show up so we can go meet my parents & grandma at the movie theater (we're going to see Fahrenheit 9/11).

Thought I'd also share this lovely public service announcement:
Bladder infections SUCK!
Thank god for modern medicine, now I just have to wait for it to kick in.
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When I try and talk all that comes out is this little whisper. Sometimes it's slightly stronger than that, but if it is, it's never for more than a word or two.
I went to the dr yesterday, since it's been about a week and a half that my voice has been either gone completely or very hoarse and raspy. more about whispers )

On an unrelated note - it's FRIDAY!!! It's also my first & last day at work this week. I'm still talking in a whisper, but there's nothing really I can do at home for my voice and I need to be at work today, so off I get to go.

Since it's going to be cooler this weekend than it was yesterday or than it's going to be today, I imagine that I'll be helping the boyfriend set up his computer desk this weekend. I'd like to go see Prisoner of Azkaban, but I don't want to have to stand in line for forever and a day to do so. more about weekend plans )

It's going to be very different having my boy in town all the time, just around the corner. I've been wondering how things will change. I suppose he & I will just have to take it day by day and figure it out. It's been a VERY, VERY long time since I've had a serious boyfriend who lived in the same town as I did. Let's be honest, shall we? It's been a VERY long time since I've had a serious boyfriend of any kind.
hmmmmm... I think my stomach's woken up and is ready for food. Unfortunately, I've also managed to piddle away enough time that it's now time for me to hop in the shower. Shower then food, maybe that way I'll hurry up the showering part.

On a completely unrelated note, I slammed 3 fingers of my left hand when I tried to open the closet door this morning, they really aren't very happy with me right now... and frankly, I'm not very happy with them.
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I had things I wanted to say to my boy, but I couldn't find the words or the nerve to do so in person or over the phone.
So, I found a beautiful sappy card that said almost everything I was trying to find the words for.
The boy & I were talking on the phone when I asked if he'd gotten anything in the mail. He said he hadn't checked his mail yet today... so I told him he should go do so, that I'd wait.

He opened the card, read it, and the first words out of his mouth where I love you too.
Then he said I wanna spend the rest of my life with you too
::melts even more::

[this card was near perfect, said everything I wanted, in almost exaclty the way I was hoping to say it]
We talked some more, and when we ended the conversation he said I love you too again!

::bursts from insanely high levels of giddiness::

I guess sometimes a little (or not so little) nudge is all that's needed... :)

And I'll see him in 36 hours, and in less than week he'll be living here in the same town as me!!

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My voice has been a little hoarse the last couple of days. Well, this morning it seems to have left me completely.
I really, really, really hope I get it back before Saturday. Because this is just exactly the way I've pictured meeting all of my boyfriend's friends.

The boyfriend has lived in Boise for the last 10 years. That's a long time. That's time to make some really, really close friends. Friends that are family.

I'm very much looking forward to this weekend though. I hope I won't have to do much packing or cleaning, but I'm not going to hold my breath. ;)

The flexible itinary has:
- go see a movie (likely Shrek 2, but also could be Troy or Day After Tomorrow)
- go for a drive around the Boise area so my boy can show me some of his favorite places & we can go for a hike or two
- parade me around introduce me to his friends at Pool Night (the kind with cues & a pool table) on Sunday night
- go to another (or maybe the same, I'm not quite sure yet) friend's Memorial Day barbeque on Monday
- get the truck Tuesday morning & load it up (if it doesn't take too long doing that, we're also going to drive back to Eugene on Tuesday)
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I don't know how you people do it. (by you people, I mean those of you with both families and jobs who still manage to post on a regular & frequent basis).
Maybe (for me anyway) it's as simple as the boys just not doing much in the public eye lately. But with CFTC right around the corner, JC touring, rampant rumor/gossip speculation about the latest Lance pictures, pictures of Justin and she-who-must-not-be-named, and Joey back on Broadway (if only I was financially solvent enough to go see him & Joey McIntyre... those would be a pair of great shows to see)... I don't know if that's a valid excuse.

I've been busy searching out on the net for information about my wonderful new car. It's SOOOO much fun to drive. I like it lots & lots & lots. I had to buy new tires for it this weekend (the spendy high-performance low profile kind of tires because the person who owned the car before I did took out the standard size rims and put in rims that were 1" larger, and in order to keep everything the same size overall, that means the expensive low-profile tires are required). But my new tires are Mud & Snow tires, so between that and the All-Wheel-Drive this wonderful new car has I'll be all set for winter.

I am very very happy and content with life right now. Not too thrilled about the potential packing & cleaning that I'm guessing will be awaiting me this weekend (I don't have much faith that my sweetie will have his apartment all packed & cleaned before I get there). Well, having it *all* packed & cleaned would be counter-productive. But, I'm going to be an optimist and hope that it's mostly done.
My current worry is my semi-annual evaluation tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully, it won't go too badly.
Work's boring. I'd rather be at home, resting up for my busy weekend of packing & moving I have coming up in only 5 days!
[squeeeeee!!!! the boy's moving to my town!!!! I'm so excited/happy/thrilled I don't know what to do with myself!]

As always, I've been busy talking on the phone to my boy. ::happysappysigh:: It's so amazing how life goes sometimes. 6 months ago if you'd told me I'd be very happily (& very seriously) dating the man of my dreams, the man who has all the qualities I never thought I'd find all together in the same man... I would have called up the nearest looney bin and had you locked up. If you had also told me that I'd be happily contemplating sharing the rest of my life with that man I would've had us both locked up.
I guess it just proves that you never know what's waiting around the corner for you on the path of life. I was one of those people who had accepted the fact that I was never going to find the right guy for me and get married, so I had built a wonderfully happy life for myself as a single woman.

It's funny the way life goes sometimes, isn't it?
note to self: don't be too surprised/shocked if you're looking at sending out pretty invitations and making various types of reservations 12 to 24 months from now
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Morning came WAAAAYYY too early today. The boyfriend & I went over to M & R's house (his brother & sister-in-law, my college friends). We hung out, chatted, and played cards (rummy - one of my favorite games). We didn't get home to my place until 11 or 11:30. Late night. Too late considering I arrived at work an hour ago and am attempting to resemble something of a thinking human being.

The boyfriend made a very apt and poignant remark about how the evening was like watching another generation of families take shape. (it was something like that, I'm paraphrasing because I'm too tired to remember exactly what he said)

And it truly was. The whole evening itself was a very interesting glimpse of how things may be... foreshadowing if you will.
In that regard, it was very cool. And the game of cards alone was rather cool. Did I mention that I like playing cards? We didn't keep score, I think primarily because R was attempting to (re)learn the game. I did good though. It was fun.

Ugh. Back to work... I am more tired than I'd like. Hopefully I can get to sleep early tonight and try and play catch-up a bit.
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That must've been a dream, because I know it's too early in the game for me to have said these these things while I was conscious.

I was sitting down here at my computer, trying to wake up and start my day. And I suddenly 'remembered' a conversation I had with the boyfriend last night in which I told him I loved him, and he said he loved me too.

Now, he & I really did talk on the phone last night. But, I *know* that the above conversation did not occur. Especially because I'm remembering this conversation happening in-person, and as the boyfriend's an 8-hour drive away that's kind of impossible.

At least I can thank my subconscious for clarifying my feelings. I suppose I don't have to wonder anymore if/what I really feel for him.
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So the boyfriend and I have been having wonderfully long phone conversations. Lately, these conversations have been centered around talking about and attempting to answer the questions in this book, "Intellectual Foreplay". It's really quite interesting. Simply full of all kinds of interesting questions. There're some questions at the end of each chapter that are "Questions to Explore as a Couple", that I'd love to be able to go through and answer with him, but we simply haven't spent enough time together as a couple to be able to do that. For example, a couple of those questions are "Do you like to cook meals together?" and "Are your food habits, likes, and dislikes compatible".

The boyfriend said that we should go back through this book in a year or two when we know each other better and answer all the questions again. [eeeeeee! I suppose that answers my question as to how serious and how long-term he's picturing this relationship to be].

My boy & I have been emailing and sending text messages to each other multiple times a day, and talking on the phone every day. (Or talking on the phone-equivalent using our computers and our respective broadband connections). ::happysappysigh::

Memorial Day Weekend is *not* going to come soon enough.

Now all I have to do is make sure that the boyfriend's brother & new sister-in-law (aka my friends from college M & R , aka the couple responsible for setting me up with my now-boyfriend, the couple who will have my undying gratitude for a very, very long time) don't schedule their "Hey, we got married! Come celebrate!" party during Memorial Day Weekend. Though, even if I have to reschedule my plane tickets, I'll be able to use the cost of these tickets toward another pair some time else in the next 12 months.
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Ann Landers Essay  )

Typed up and placed in my journal because I *just* found the clipping I had after months of wondering/searching.
I like this essay. When I first read it a few years ago, I understood the infatuation part, but I didn't really get the other part. It sounded good, but I didn't really understand it. I think I'm beginning to now.
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YAY! I'm home (early, even - we weren't supposed to get back until tonight)! It was so nice to sleep in my own bed again.

And any fears I might've had about being away from home and not being able to talk to m2 on a regular basis were way unfounded.

He and I ended up talking twice a day this past week. We'd text/call each other in the morning to say good morning, and then we'd text/call in the evening after I got done working & having dinner with my coworkers. Twice a day! I'm gonna miss talking to him before I start my day and telling him (& having him tell me) good morning.

I think I'm gonna go shower & do all that other good morning stuff. Then I'll have a little more time to text (& hopefully call!) m2 to wish him a good morning.
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I'm way too tired to be up right now. But I am. Because I have to be at work in an hour and a half.

It's my own fault for staying up talking to m2 for almost 3 and a half hours last night. I didn't get to bed until midnight. Neither one of us wanted to say goodbye/good night. We first started making grumbling noises about "I should go" around 10. We kept talking for nearly 2 more hours.

But it was all so totally worth it. When we hung up, he was still a bit awake (as was I, at least until I laid down in a dark room, shut my eyes, and tried to relax). So, he was going to go to the store to get the rest of the ingredients he needed to make cookies. From scratch. And he said what he really wanted to do then was not make cookies, but he wanted to make cookies with me there with him. awwwwwww!

I asked him point blank what he was doing 2 weeks from now. He said he didn't have any plans, and when I asked if he could possibly come for a visit that weekend, he said he could (unless he got a job between now and then)!

SQUEEEEE! I get to see m2 again!

Edit: Forgot to squee about one of the coolest things. I was a bit worried, because he seems so perfect for me that I was afraid I'd find out he has a major sports addiction or something that would be not-so-perfect. Not only does he *not* have a sports addiction, but he doesn't even have a tv! ::twirls:: He says his parents instilled in him a love of reading, and the ability to find & enjoy amusement, entertainment and such in other ways. I think I'm in lo... like!
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Happiness is getting another email from you-know-who. :)

He told me all about the walk though town and the park he took yesterday.

Happiness is also finding out that in his town, the city is removing a monument of the Ten Commandments that's currently residing in a public park. He said he didn't mind the statue as a reminder and icon of Christianity, but he did find it odd that no other religions, major or minor were equally represented. I love it that he's open minded enough to see the problem with have the single dominant religion in our society represented without equal representation of any other religions.

He also described the Anne Frank memorial that was in a different corner of the same park...
"Contrasting the two landmarks was not difficult. Where the only names visible on the stone tablets of the previous marker were those of the sculptor, this construction carried the monikers of countless contributers. "A universally respected and revered figure", they must have thought. "I will have my social standing displayed for generations to come", perhaps. This display of WWII artifacts and quotes was well-lit and well-designed. It persuaded the common passerby to discover more about the human side of conflicts of legend, and to experience the abject terror of one little girl stuck in an attic."


I love the way he writes.

I told him so when he called on Saturday. He said it still didn't flow quite the way he wanted it to. I told him I thought it was wonderful, just the way it is. He said that if I was happy, then he was happy. *sappygrin*

He called again on Sunday.

Both times we talked for a little over an hour. The conversations both flew by so quickly it was hard for me to believe that so much time had already passed. At the end of our conversation on Sunday, I asked him if it'd be ok if I called him when I got home from work Monday night. He said it would.
I chickened out though. I didn't want to scare him off or seem too eager or anything.

In his email he sent last night (around 7:30pm my time), he closed with the following:
"I see you decided not to call. No worries. I find myself more elegant and poised in written form, anyway. Here's hoping your day went well, long hours and deadlines notwithstanding, of course.

I will talk to you again, soon :) "


And now I get to go to the dentist. Yuck! (I have to have 2 cavities filled - double yuck!)
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*g* I told you-know-who about how I have "what some would call an unholy obsession for all things nsync". His reply included (among other things) the following:

nsync? eeek! I suppose everyone has to have vices :) I suppose this would be a good time for a checklist:
Have you told your parents of your addiction?
Does your family complain about your excessive Nsync?
Has your Nsync tolerance level increased?
Do you use Nsync to cope with problems or relax?
Do you sneak off to have some Nsync or often have Nsync alone?
Are you preoccupied with Nsync?
Have you ever been convicted of Driving While Nsync?

Okay, I thought it was funny. No insult or insinuation intended. Beauty in the eye of the beholder, I suppose. I stole/butchered the list from here:

So because I'm in that kind of a mood today, I'm gonna answer all the questions and post them up here like a quiz or something...

Have you told your parents(or friends, or etc) of your addiction? Yeah, they know
Does your family complain about your excessive Nsync? Sometimes! ;) But only via loving teasing.
Has your Nsync tolerance level increased? Most definitely!
Do you use Nsync to cope with problems or relax? Constantly!
Do you sneak off to have some Nsync or often have Nsync alone? All the time!
Are you preoccupied with Nsync? Sort of
Have you ever been convicted of Driving While Nsync? Convicted, no. Guilty, yes. ;)

Result: It's official! I'm addicted to nsync! (not that there was any question about it)


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