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MrB & I are going to go for a hike tomorrow with his Brother & SIL and their two malamutes.

We're going to Kentucky Falls, and it's in the Coast Range, in the rainforest side (not the rainshadow side). It's my favorite kind of hike... one that's off the main road & takes at least two forest roads to get to! It's a paved road off US101, then it's onto a forest road until the pavement ends, then 3 more miles, then another forest road, and then finally the trail head. It's a total of 36 miles off the main road, it doesn't sound like much, but all those little forest roads are usually slow going. Good thing the entire family has Subarus! :D MrB & I each have one of course, but my BIL and his wife also have one! No worries for us about unpaved forest roads!

And now, finally... a picture of all the fabric I bought last weekend!! :D

PR Weekend 2009 Fabric

Link to very large version of labeled view

-The red jersey in the middle I think I'm going to make up first (at least once I get my cotton/silk halter-top dress, my linen shirtdress, and linen skirt done). It's going to be this mock-wrap dress from a German pattern magazine called Burda Fashion.

-The stretch cotton print from Mill End (upper left corner) is going to be a top of some kind. The fabric is just so nice & colorful, and it'll make a great bright top.

-The denim (underneath the cotton print) is going to be a skirt, I bought 2.5 yards so I have enough for it to shrink a lot and still have enough to do a nice A-line or full skirt if I want (though I think it might just become a nice classy pencil skirt).

-The two wools are going to be suit-type things (underneath the denim). The cream & gray houndstooth will be a jacket and a flowy flared or a-line skirt. The solid gray will be a jacket, a pair of pants, and maybe a pencil skirt if I can squeeze it in.

-The print from Josephine's Dry Goods (underneath the red jersey) is going to be a dress. I also bought a nice shiny gray ribbon (about 1.5" wide), and a thin green ribbon that I'm going to put on top of the other. This is going to be trim to go around the hem of the dress, and possibly around a waist or empire waist.

-The 21-wale corduroy (the dark brown & white houndstooth at the bottom in the middle) is VERY soft, and I think it would make an amazing casual unlined jacket.

-The nice bright aqua-colored Pimatex cotton (top right corner) is 96% cotton and 4% stretch, and it's going to be a blouse of some sort.

-The gray Ambiance (in the middle, on the right) going to be lining for the two wools, as is the lighter gray silk charmeuse (on the right, underneath the darker Ambiance).

-The teal silk charmeuse (next to the gray silk) is going to be a sleeveless (or short/cap sleeve) shell.


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