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Weekend was good. Saturday was especially nice. MrB & I went out to lunch, Blockbuster, Costco, and the grocery store. Then we had a lazy afternoon/evening at home.

Sunday we braved the Oregon Country Fair. Neither of us had ever been, and MrB said it was time this year for us to go check it out.

It was ok. It was basically just a big Saturday Market. Some topless women (some with really pretty boob painting), one older man in g-string (::shudder::)... lots of food booths, lots of vendor booths selling various crafted items. There were 18 entertainment stages!

Unfortunately it was so crowded & hot & dusty that we didn't feel like fighting our way through the crowds to stand in the heat to watch any of the entertainment.

We might go again someday... if there's ever a nice 70-something degree day in mid-July. The upper 80s that we had yesterday was just WAY too hot for that kind of event (at least too hot for me & MrB).

In other news - I've been sleeping like crap the last few nights. Last night I got to bed at 10:30 and woke up at 4:30. :( I tried to get back to sleep, but was unsuccessful. I think it's my depression acting up that's causing the poor sleep, as I've also been fighting a bad funk for the last couple of weeks. I've had some bad days, some so-so days, and a few normal/happy days. Yesterday evening the bad 'day' started, and it's still with me. Given my usual pattern, I'll have a couple days of this followed by a normal day or a few so-so days.


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