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It's been an interesting past few days:

1) MrB's motherboard arrived, but is defective. This is an older model of motherboard, so anything we buy will likely be a refurb. :( So we're going to have to spend money and buy him a new board & new processor & new memory.

2) I tried to updated ZoneAlarm like it asked me to, and while it's working, the control panel/UI is totally blank. This is irritating. I'm going to try downloading the new software, completely uninstalling ZA, then doing a fresh new install. This means I'll get to spend the 'joy' of re-training the damn software. Ah well. There could be worse things.

3) I realized I have my sewing get-together in Portland in just under a month, and I still have a shirt to finish, and I WANT to have that halter-top dress done... the dress I haven't even started the muslin for.

5) Exactly one week from today I have my final quilt class. Sometime between now & then I have to buy (& maybe wash) batting, plus choose, buy, wash, & iron fabric for the outer border.

6) My folks are out of town so MrB & I said we'd go over to their place today and play with the cat & water the plants & stuff. Grandma who lives next door, is doing the day-to-day caretaking of the cat & such, but she's delicate/frail and there's a lot she can't lift/do.

7) At work, the group of people who make the decisions are blithering idiots with the biggest set of blinders to reality I've ever seen. This yea'rs budget process should be very interesting.

8) My state has the second highest unemployement rate in the country. Only Michigan and their auto industry is ahead of us. :(

That's all.

Now I wake up enough so I don't injure myself on my sewing machine, and then get started on my shirt! The shirt is a pattern designed by the woman whose seminar I'm going to at the sewing event next month. I'm hoping if I wear it that day, then I might get some free pointers on how to improve the fit. :) [I've also *never* been accused of failing to be 'teacher's pet'/'suck-up'... so who am I to disappoint]
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I knew it was an addictive thing. I was warned.

It all starts when HTB told me months ago about a game he likes to play (& play for hours on end, to the detriment of sleeping), called "Civilization II".

I thought nothing more of it than, oh gee that sounds nice/interesting.

A week or so ago, HTB called to me from across the apartment asking if I minded if he loaded a game onto my (now our) computer. I said sure, go right ahead as long as it'll play on that old thing.

A hour or so later I went into the computer room to see where he'd disappeared to and discovered that he was playing a game. I asked him what he was playing and he said "Civ II".

I watched him for a bit and it looked intriguing, so I asked him to tell me how he was playing & how it all worked. We did that for a bit then then next day I told him I wanted to start my own civilization and would he please help me get started.

He did. And now we have all sorts of fun scheduling our evening computer time on the one functional computer.

I got HTB Civilization IV for Christmas. Little did I know when I bought it for him just how addictive it was and how much he *really* meant it when he told me to put it on his christmas list when the warning that if he received it I would never see him again for months to come.

::plots ways to steal/make a backup of HTB's newly acquired game::
::ignores the fact that we don't yet have a computer capable of playing it::


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