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Did you know that it is actually possible to add cruise control to a car even when it didn't come with it originally?

I just found this out recently. My car *could* have come with Cruise (it was one of the available options) but whoever bought the car when it was brand-new decided he/she didn't want it.

I called my dealer to ask about the process, and he said that while the original manufacturer's part isn't available he gave me the name & number of a local car accessories store (Sounds On Wheels) that can install an after-market version in my car for $399.

Since I see a frequent amount of 8-hour drives (to go see HTB) in my future, I thought that sounded like a deal!

HTB has pretty much the same car I do (his is a wagon & a year older, mine's a sedan), and his has cruise. It'll be interesting to see what this after-market kit looks like. I'm hoping it'll look just like it was an original part of the car.
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Hubby-to-be & I had a very nice weekend planned for this weekend. Emphasis on had., by the way...

He called me just a few minutes ago, as he does around this time driving almost every evening he drives over to see me. Well this time he wasn't calling because he reached the area of good cell coverage in Bend and had time to talk.

He was calling because he hit a deer.

His car's leaking fluid, scraping on the right side, and he just had to pull over because he was overheating. I guess the deer damaged the radiator?

We were going to go stay up on the northern part of the Oregon coast, where I used to live, and then have a wonderful leisurely drive back down the coast on Sunday.

Instead I'm going over to Bend tomorrow morning to spend the weekend with him while he tries to find a mechanic on Memorial Day weekend to fix his car.

Maybe we'll still be able to go do some fun stuff...


6 straight months of nearly other weekend visits... a deer vs car incident was bound to happen sooner I suppose. At least my HTB's not hurt! I hope the car repair bill won't be too much... or rather, I hope his insurance deductible isn't very high. Though knowing his insurance rates (which are now just gonna go higher) he probably has a fairly hefty deductible to try and keep his rates as low as possible.

Now I have to go repack my suitcase for weather on the other side of the mountains, and get all ready to go so that as soon after I get up tomorrow morning I can hit the road and go be with my boy!

ETA: Looks like we're just going to put a bunch of miles on my car. He's gonna tow his car to the Subaru dealership, sleep in his car, and I'm going to head out to pick up him first thing tomorrow morning. Then we're going to turn around and head to the coast.

I imagine we'll then spend Monday evening driving out to Bend so he can go be with his car, and so I can get to work on Tuesday morning.

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I bought a new car!!

A very pretty 2001 Subaru Impreza L.

31,600 miles, 4-door, 5-speed stickshift, power doors/windows/mirrors/etc... The perfect little car! Only $10,700!

I am VERY happy. On Friday my old car finally died (it was a very old 1990 Nissan Sentra that had seen better days).

You can't see it very well in this picture, but it has a cute little beige stripe down each side! :)


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