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Yesterday was a long day. I always forget how exhausting it is to be on your feet shopping in a noisy crowded environment for hours trying to decide what you need, what you want, and what you can afford.

We bought a bunch of things, and spent a bit more money than we were planning on. But we ended up with something we both really like, and something that will work very well for us for some time to come.

What we've bought so far:
The shopping list )

We've put all the above together, except we haven't installed the OS because we still need to buy a dual-tuner TV Capture card and a graphics card (since the on-board graphics on the motherboard doesn't have an S-Video out, and we're gonna need that in order to hook it up to the tv.
We're also going to have to get a splitter because the on-board sound on the motherboard has 8 channel audio, and my tv only takes stereo left & right. HTB says splitters of the kind we need exist.

Pictures will follow.
Here's a picture I snagged off of the internets of the case we bought!

I absolutely love it! It doesn't look like a PC at all, it looks a lot like another A/V component. The front has a volume knob, a firewire port, 2 USB 2.0 ports, a power button, a reset button, an integrated optical drive cover (so that I don't have to see the white/black/etc front of the DVD drive, it all matches), and a little display that we can program to scroll across all sorts of fun info (like weather, email updates, program info, and such)! :D

I'll be really happy when we get all the final pieces & it's up & running!
Today we string white ethernet cable (with the stapler/staple gun thing & staples we bought yesterday) and then we have to go shopping for a new tv stand.
My existing tv stand doesn't have enough shelves and while it's just wide enough to fit the HTPC it's not wide enough to allow the necessary airflow. Oops.
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After talking about it for many weeks (& whining on both our parts) we're going to build our own DVR this weekend.

I want one that won't look like a computer in my living room (and was leaning towards just buying a commercial one), but I also want one that will burn DVDs of the stuff I tape/record.

HTB wants one that will hook up to our computers so if we record something off the TV we each can watch that where we want to (my computer, his computer, or the TV). He also wants one where he can easily record a whole bunch of shows and then watch them as he has time (which will soon be few & far between as he's taking the first step of going back to school by taking a Writing 121 class at our local community college ::cheers HTB on wildly::).

So we're going to go to some large electronics stores and look at buying stuff. I get veto power on the case (I was looking around online and they have some that really don't look like ugly computer boxes). And we're also going to get things like a processor, motherboard, OS (Windows Media Center Edition), likely integrated graphics, and a really good tv card, and there are likely other important things HTB knows we need but that's all I remember him talking about.

I'm actually really looking forward to this little project!

ETA: Hard drives of course! Those will be vital. HTB says he has a 120GB drive sitting around doing nothing, so we're going to use that for the OS drive, and then buy a 300GB drive to store all the stuff we're going to record. :)

And evidently this will be an HTPC (home theater PC). We went window shopping at Best Buy & Circuit City last night (because they're the only electronics stores we have in our town), and saw a Toshiba DVR for $411. It had a built-in DVD Recorder, and a 160GB hard drive. The only issue was that it wasn't networkable to hook up to our computers. That and if we build our own we can have a much bigger hard drive (& add more later if we want), and we can have as many tuners as we have expansion slots (we're going to start out with a dual tuner).


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