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I hear Backstreet has a new video together. :D
I hear it's really good. Especially if you were a fan of 80's hair bands. I wasn't at the time (due to brainwashing by the ultra-conservative non-denominational christian church my family & i attended), but looking back on them, they're fun/amusing to watch.

I'm curious to see what BSB came up with! But I have to exercise that thing I've heard about... it's called patience I think... and wait until I get home tonight.

In news of the non-sparkly variety... I rode my bike in to work this morning! It went perfectly well! The pannier bags performed marvelously. I forgot to take my inhaler before I left so after I found myself panting while riding on flat ground I stopped at pulled out my inhaler to remedy the problem. I took a change of clothes so I didn't have to ride in while wearing my work clothes. That worked well, but next time I want to bring a washcloth so I can clean up a bit better. I used a paper towel or two, and wetted them down, but it wasn't ideal. I timed it just about perfectly though! It was *exactly* 8:00 when I was walking into my office after having cleaned up & changed into my work clothes. :)

I'm hoping it won't be too warm on the way home this evening!


rosebee: Adam Lambert touches the gauges/plugs in his ears (Default)

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