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So I think I've shared the story of the bird feeder we have on hanging from our deck, and how 4 or 5 times in the last few weeks we've woken up to the feeder being either on the floor of the deck (this happened once) or on the grass below (we're on the 2nd story).

The other night I was sitting in the living room, reading, when I heard a strange quiet noise from outside.

I turned off all the lights in the living room so I could see outside, pushed the vertical blinds apart a ways, and then turned on the deck light because I couldn't see anything otherwise.

The bumping around noises I heard were being caused by a pair of raccoons!! They had somehow climbed up to the deck and were pushing the cardboard plant flat (the thing that looks like a box lid that you put plants in when you go to the nursery) around. I use that cardboard thing to hold sunflower seeds for the birds that don't like to eat from a hanging feeder.

The darn raccoons shimmied up the deck spindles/railings, and sauntered back and forth on the top hand rail thing. The darn raccoon looked *really* intently at the hanging birdfeeder and the recently attached gravel-weighted plastic cone that's on the bottom of the feeder. The raccoon had this look in his eyes & this quick change of posture that made me just *sure* he was about to jump it and get to the feeder or the cone. This was a very well fed raccoon, too. His body mass would have absolutely NO trouble building up enough momentum to knock off the feeder (when the cone wasn't there anywyay).

I'm seriously thinking now that it wasn't the squirrel after all that was to blame for knocking the feeder off.
I think it was these raccoons! The squirrel I've seen on the patio at all hours of the day.
The only times we've found the feeder knocked off was first thing in the morning. And since raccoons are nocturnal creatures...

HTB & I REALLY wished we had low-light movie camera capable of taking pictures through the patio glass of the raccoons.
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Eventually I'll remember to update more frequently... at least come spring once I'm not chained to my lightbox for so long each morning.

In summary:

Life w/HTB living here (but not officially 'moved in' yet) is busier than when we had the LDR going on and just talked on the phone each evening. It's VERY nice & VERY good!! But busier though, and that's taken a bit of an adjustment.

Heard about the Sound Of Music 40th anniversary 2-disc DVD being released. Want to go home & check to see if I own this on dvd yet. If not I want this. I LOVE this movie! It'd be so fun to have it on DVD. :)

The Battle of Us vs. the Squirrel )

babbling about weekend activities & not enough time in a day )
I *really* want to try and get things cleaned up as much as possible before a week from tomorrow (YIKES!!) when my future mother-in-law is arriving in town for Thanksgiving.
How much we'll be able to get cleaned up since we're in this weird transition period of half moved in, but not quite enough stuff here yet to justify a storage unit...

Other weird unexpected things requiring adjustment & transition have cropped up (in regards to HTB unofficially living here but not moved in)... things I wouldn't have thought would need to change (like shopping, last-minute diversions on the way home, planning dinners... etc).

I got pictures developed recently. They include portions of my mom's recently denuded backyard (wherein she took out a big giant plant & is letting HTB & I plan out the new design with the idea we can use that area for our wedding next summer). And also pictures of me trying on various wedding dresses. Including the one I eventually decided upon. I want to scan the pictures in, blur out my face (I'm neurotic when it comes to my privacy), and post them in a tightly locked filter for any who want to see...
So if you want to see & be on the filter list, please comment & let me know.


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