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Monday was survived. Wasn't too bad for a Monday.

I was so *very* good today and rode my bicycle in to work.
It was really hard to convince myself it was a good idea, especially when I got up at 6am and it was actually dark outside! There was an absolutely gorgeous sunrise starting up though.
It almost made it worth getting up. Almost, but not quite.

I wish it was next Friday already! Sigh.

I have a lot of chores & things to do before next Friday gets here. Lots of unfun things like dishes, vacuuming, ironing, and other such things.

I'll probably try and work on the dishes & ironing tonight.

I also need to water all the plants on my balcony. It's been warm and I've been notsogood at remembering to water them.
::sets a reminder on my cell phone to go off & remind me at 6:30pm tonight::

I have to go to an official meeting held by a branch of local government tomorrow. I doubt I'll have to say or do anything, but my big boss has to go (as he's the dept head) and if he needs info on numbers I need to be there to give it to him.

I wonder if I should wear a suit?
::thinks about it::
Nah! I'll just make sure to dress up a bit more than normal.


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