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Adam is so kick-ass. This video is set to start towards the end, where Adam is singing "Somebody to Love".

Some day when I have time I'm going to watch this concert in full.

Today, and the rest of this week, I'm moving non-essential stuff to our new house, replacing old doorknobs, with shiny new lever handles, and removing wallpaper & painting the bedrooms.

It's going to be a busy week!
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Played with paint colors for the current wall-paper covered bedrooms.

Installed some of the new deadbolts & lever handles. One deadbolt, 3 lever handles left.

MANY things planted:
6 Barberries (the red kind, Rose Glow I think the variety was)
1 Coral Bark Japanese Maple
1 Sweet Dumpling Winter Squash
1 Sungold Cherry Tomato
1 Red Currant

Still to plant:
3 Honeysuckle vines
1 Orange Bell Pepper

Plus the front yard has this whole section of shade plants that's now in the sun because the giant old maple tree had to be taken down after the freak March snowstorm.

There's SO much yard work waiting for us. And lots and lots of housework too. Packing up the apartment, removing wallpaper & painting the bedrooms at our house, and then moving & unpacking boxes.

I also spent WAAAAAYYY more money at the local home improvement center than I thought I would. It's amazing how fast just the basics add up to (ladder, hedge trimmers, loppers, shovels....).

And now off to find dinner. Followed by more packing.
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I'm tired.

I have too much to do, and not enough time to do it.

Two weeks from now, MrB & I will have the keys to our new house.

We're not even close to having things packed (but it's all sort-of-ok as we have until July 22nd to fully move in to the house).

I've started the process of weeding through stuff and tossing out the things I don't really need to keep. I just have a LOT more weeding/sorting to go.

I really want a nice long weekend to sleep & get stuff done.
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MrB & I are buying a house!

We have a mutually accepted offer, and we had the first (we're having 2 total) home inspection yesterday.

We were NOT impressed with the inspector yesterday. He didn't see everything - including some things that MrB & I had noticed.

The 2nd inspection is scheduled for Thursday morning. I'm hoping he's better.

Things I love about the place we're trying to buy: real white oak hardwood floors, beautiful large sunroom/office, sprinkler system in the front & back yards, great open floor plan. Things that aren't so good: the three bedrooms are all VERY tiny, it's on a busy street.

But the many good things outweigh the bad things. :) And since there's a separate office area, we can use the three small bedrooms as if they were two. We're going to have the master just be our sleeping room. The smallest bedroom is right next door, and that will become our dressing/sitting room. The 3rd bedroom will be the guest/sewing/everything-else bedroom.

I'm VERY excited. Closing is scheduled for the end of June, and we're going to have all of July to move in. Our first mortgage payment will be due at the beginning of August, so we won't have to pay both rent & a mortgage at the same time. :)

yay. not.

Apr. 30th, 2012 07:12 am
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I've been coughing so much I managed to pull/strain a muscle. It's on my left side at the bottom of my ribcage. It HURTS! Everytime I have to cough, and aches.

I am NOT amused.

Especially since it's Monday morning.

Pink! :D

Apr. 29th, 2012 09:37 am
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Hubby's building me a new computer. :)
It should be all kinds of kick ass awesome. It's been about 6 or 7 years since I got the computer I have now.

This new computer? It's gonna be pink. :) I found a pinnk computer case that MrB says will work, and I'm going to have the cutest computer EVAR! :D
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Just got back from the movie.

It was decently done. I like how it was realtively faithful to the books.

However, I think that if you hadn't read the books you'd be able to follow the plot but you'd miss so much of the back/understory.
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My knee is slowly getting better.

The custom knee brace is really good. And I'm allowed to put skates! I can't go all-out, but I can start to skate and do easy laps & stuff.

I HATE being on the injured list this long. It really sucks. But the longest stretch (it's been 4 weeks already) is behind me, and soon I'll be back up to 100%. :D

Tonight is a bout-night for my derby league. I'm helping out by timing skaters in the penalty box, and then keeping score. Both jobs give me an awesome view of the track, so I'll get to see everything that's going on. :)


Mar. 23rd, 2012 05:45 pm
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I'm nearly at 4 weeks after spraining / partially tearing my MCL (for the 2nd time) on my right knee.

I *just* now got a knee brace that actually works! The regular off-the-shelf one they gave me right after the injury didn't work very well for me (my knee kept collapsing inward when I walked or went up stairs). But this awesome custom one my insurance company approved is FANASTIC!! :D

It fits perfectly, and it works! I can actually balance on my right leg for the 1st time in nearly a month! :D

Now that my knee is properly supported/protected, my physical therapist & I are hoping that my sprained ligament will finally have a chance to heal. It hasn't been healing very quickly so far, and I'm eager to get healed up so I can skate again! :D

ETA: The knee brace is a Townsend Premier.

I got mine in a pretty purple color! :D
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Evidently because I'm very active (& play a full-contact sport), now that I've strained my MCL (Medial Collateral Ligament, on the left side of the right knee, and right side of the left knee) twice I am now at a much higher risk of an ACL tear. :( Unfortunately, ACL tears are already too common in derby, and I'm bummed I now have something that puts me at even higher risk of one.

I found a wonderful physical therapist who's only a block from my office, and is a sponsor for one of my derby league's teams.

She said I can still do derby (once my knee is more healed), but I should wear a good knee brace from now on while doing so (& while hiking & other things that could stress my knee).

I got a hinged knee brace when I went to the orthopedic clinic in town (best in town), but the brace was only helping a little bit then. As the swelling in my knee goes down, the it helps less and less. So the P/T is going to ask the orthopedist Dr for a Rx for a custom knee brace. I'm pleased I'll have something that works & fits better.

I hope I get the custom one soon - this off-the-shelf one is hot & uncomfortable & doesn't even work all that well. My knee goes sideways when I walk (especially on stairs).
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Spring! Not really, but my body's starting to respond to the longer days.

This weekend I wanted to buy a dog, clean all the things, bake, sew, and play in the garden (we don't have yet). My body definitely says it's starting to be springtime! :)

I cleaned some of the things, baked (cinnamon crum cake - YUM!), and did all my laundry.

Hubby says we have to 1) get a house 2) fix up the yard & garden, and THEN we can get a dog. I'm more & more drawn to getting a doberman. My stepmom had 2 when I lived with her & my father during college. I really liked those dogs. Now, I want a dog that will be affectionate, very protective, and intelligent enough to train to do fun things. There's a doberman rescue not far from where we live, so we might even be able to get a nice purebred dog for cheap. Though with our cats, it might go better if we cough up the money to buy a purebred puppy of our own, so the dog can grow up with the cats (& the cats have a tiny puppy to get used to instead of a 60-80 pound dog). :)
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The writing's been on the wall for years now, but her husband made it official and has asked for a divorce.

She's been a homemaker/stay-at-home mom for all but 5 - 7 years of her adult life (she's currently 43).

She has no job skills, no nothing. She doesn't even want to talk to an attorney because she thinks her husband will follow-though on a promise he made to her when they first got together. The promise was that if they ever separated he'd give her enough money to set up house again.

What do I need to research for her? What is she entitled to? He makes good money, and has been socking away a BUNCH of it during their marriage for investment & retirement purposes. They've been married almost 11 years, and live in Illinois.

I'm really hoping I can get some good info for her. She's in shock (due to denial she hasn't been able to see the writing on the wall), and her brain has pretty much shut off in regards to coming up with a plan of action.


Feb. 3rd, 2012 08:14 pm
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My tummy haz a happy. Out to a bar w/hubby for drinks & dinner. Good food, good drinnks. Happy nao.

Me & my cold are going to chill for a bit until I get sleep and then go to bed and sleep a LOOOONNNNG time. As long as my body will let me anyway.


Jan. 31st, 2012 06:37 pm
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There were a few ok bits, but mostly I'm very glad today is over. I will be glad when budget is done, when this cold is gone, & spring arrives in full. Feeling very bah-humbug today.

Things that make me glad today is done:
-tired from lack of sleep last night
-damn head cold that still won't go away (each day is a day closer to it being gone, yes?)
-Getting a 'serious/official' email from the boss saying that using my phone a lot looks bad & brings up previous concerns re: productivity that I promised I'd address (a similar issue was brought up a couple/three months ago when a computer audit showed too much personal use of my work computer). Boss worded today's email very well, but a reprimand is a reprimand and I feel like hell for not having the self-control to prevent this from becoming an issue. I'm going to try having my phone on silent at work. I'm hoping that the pocket buzzing will be less intrusive than the noise-making & will thus make me feel less like MUSTLOOKREADANSWERNOW!!!

Things that went ok today:
-I got things done at work (thanks largely to a big stumbling block that got taken care of late yesterday afternoon)
-My non-skating-official shirt for Derby was redone and now it's PERFECT! :D
-I got fun/easy things for dinner (chevre, summer sausage, & sourdough bread).


Jan. 30th, 2012 06:32 am
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I haz a head cold.

I am not pleased by this.

At least I don't have any actual on-skates derby practice this week.

I'm desperately hoping this cold 1) stays in my head and 2) goes away soon!


Jan. 21st, 2012 04:19 pm
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Today I had NO meeting NO derby practice NO anything scheduled!

It's been glorious!! :D


Jan. 18th, 2012 06:01 pm
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It's budget season again.

This year is especially grim - I have to help the boss figure out how to do a 25.5% reduction throughout our department. $2 million is a lot to come up with.

I want to have everything else at work done so I can focus on NOTHING but this budget preparation. But I can't - there's other stuff that MUST get done first. I'm going to be panicing until I get that other stuff done.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a super-productive day & I'll be able to get lots & lots done.

But now, I'm going to gather my things and go skate away my nerves.


Jan. 14th, 2012 06:25 pm
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A NEW 'old' *NSYNC song has leaked!!!!!!


Baby!Sync! ♥______♥
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I'm at home, and I have a whole half an hour before I have to rush out the door again & go do something else! :D

::twirls of joy::

I've been purposely going skating a lot this week, as I need to re-build my endurance after having been sick last month. It's one of those things that disappears so quickly, and takes so long to get back!

I've been having fun helping out some of the hopeful new derby girls. :) One of them in particular may turn out to be a good friend.
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Weekend was awesome. Saturday's adventures included a derby meeting & then a family dinner was not awkward!

Sunday was my favorite day though. MrB & I went to open houses. One of them wasn't an open house, but one our realtor took time to open up & let us see (even though we're MONTHS away from actually buying). She's a wonderful lady & I love that she's not looking down her nose at us even though we're 1st time homebuyers 12 months from purchasing.

Derby practice last night was good. Now I get the hard task of rebuilding my endurance back to what it was before I got so sick last month. I've been helping out the new girls (tryouts to join the training team are Sat). It's surprising to mee - it seems like just yesterday I was stressing out over tryouts! Hard to believe I've been at this for nearly a whole year!


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