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The wonderful dog we adopted from the shelter the day before Thanksgiving went back to the shelter last week.

She was just too much energy for our house... and she wouldn't leave our cats alone. There were absolutely terrified any time the dog was out.

And living in a crate/bathroom for 9 hours during the day and 9 hours at night is not the life we wanted to give the dog. So back she went. It was the hardest thing we've had to do, but also very necessary.

Christmas was quite around here with just me & MrB. We did have my folks over for dinner though. We watched a digital slideshow of both of our recent vacation photos (MrB & I went to San Francisco earlier this month, and my folks went to the coast).

Nook - my mom finally liked the idea of having one, so I bought her one! I spent last night helping her get it set up. Next project is getting her & dad wifi in their house. But she's got a few books on it already, so that'll keep her occupied for a while.

I got Sims 3: Season for christmas. :D So far it's been fun, I love the graphics of the snow/rain - it's really well done.
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