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Hubby & I are getting a dog!! :D Like right now, not maybe sometime next spring. :D

Her name's Annie, and she's a beautiful medium sized doberman/lab mix. :) Her shoulders come up to about my knees, and she's 60 pounds.

She'll be ready to come home with us sometime next week.

In the meantime, I have a lot of shopping to do.

She pulls, so the shelter's recommended a good no-pull harness for me to buy (& I'll be picking up a leash of course)..

We also need all of the normal dog things. Food/water bowls, crate (wire or plastic?), dog bed(s), tug of war toys, chew toys, puzzle-entertain-the-dog toys... and I'm SURE that I'm forgetting something drastically important.

Dog people: What is your favorite dog thing? What very important thing am I forgetting?

Date: 2012-11-08 10:41 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] 21freckles
looking forward to seeing family photos as soon as Annie comes home!

Date: 2012-11-09 01:48 am (UTC)
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It depends on the dog. Some breeds love to fetch, others don't care. (It depends on whether or not they were bred for hunting/retrieving.) Even within the same breed, one dog's favorite toy will be of zero interest to another dog. This extends to other things, too. You just have to get to know your dog as an individual. Ask the shelter what they know about this one.

One thing is that many pet stores allow you to bring the dog into the store. Let her go shopping with you. See what she likes. (We did that with my last dog on the first day after we adopted her. She walked up to a scratching post, sniffed it, swiped it with a paw, thought about it, and walked on. Then she picked out her favorite toy from a more appropriate aisle.)

As for dog bed: We went to Target. Bought a queen-sized foam mattress pad, folded it in half, and put an old blanket over it. Done. The one we found even came with its own washable dust cover. It was cheaper than the dog beds they were selling in the store. Cheaper even than just buying a slab of foam at the fabric/craft store.

Date: 2012-12-01 06:28 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] hatman
It works pretty well. :) And I said queen-sized, but I think it's actually twin. Full/double at most. And we've got a big dog.


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