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But it just wouldn't get out of my head! The boys (at least Victor) have refused to spill the details on this, so I made them up myself so I could hear the story (or at least my fantasy version of it).

Figure Skating RPF
750 word ficlet: Johnny W./Victor V.
The following is purely a figment of my imagination, and any passing resemblance to reality or real people is purely a concidence.

Possibly More to follow!


February 2011

Johnny pushed his laptop back on the table, mulling over the email he just re-read for the 3rd time. The buff masculine boy from Atlanta he met years ago, was the last person he had expected to hear from. Victor, Johnny recalled, as he reminisced back to that evening at the Russian-style party in Atlanta.

It had been several years since that party, but Johnny still remembers how he had been a bit confused by the whole evening. A mutual friend introduced them to each other. Victor was a strikingly handsome man, blue eyes, light brown hair, and solid. Johnny’s own frame was naturally thin, made even more so by the diet he followed during competition season. He’d always been drawn to more masculine, almost macho, men. Victor was squarely within that category, and Johnny was definitely drawn to him.

Johnny had a lovely conversation with the man at the party. While they had exchanged contact information, Johnny didn’t pursue Victor afterwards as Victor had made it clear that he was straight.

That was the part that confused Johnny, though. He was very good at reading people. He felt a connection with the masculine brown-haired man. It was a connection he would have loved to pursue, but Johnny had gotten the clear indication that Victor was straight.

Now, with this email in front of him, it was becoming clear to Johnny that he hadn’t been the only one to feel that connection from that evening at the party so many years ago.

I know it’s been a while since we first met at that party in Atlanta. I got your new email address from our mutual friend who introduced us there. I hope you remember me as much as I remember you.

Contrary to what you might have thought at the time, I am interested in getting to know you better. You’ll have to tell me about figure skating, I really know nothing about it.

Congratulations on your book, by the way. I found it fascinating. If your book tour takes you near Atlanta, please look me up, I’d love the chance to visit with you in person. My cell’s 678-555-6789.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Johnny didn’t quite know how to take this email. It seemed Victor wasn’t straight after all.
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