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No really, it is a joy! :D

This 3-day weekend was AWESOME! Saturday we went up to a lake, rented a rowboat, and MrB rowed me around the lake. It was so much fun!

Sunday was (mostly) a lazy day around the house. Although we did trim a tree away from our roof, and a hedge that had gotten way too wide.

Yesterday was a little bit of a lazy morning, followed by some serious yardwork. We dug up a couple of overgrown/invasive plants in our front yard, and planted the rest of our Barberries. :)

I'm looking forward to getting more & more of my own touch in the yards. It still feels like someone else's yard that we're just taking care of. It's starting to feel a little bit like mine, but not totally.

The coral bark japanese maple I planted dead center in the front yard is doing well. It's a little bit sunburned though.

At some point we want to get a regular maple (not a big leaf maple, though), and put it in the front yard. It should nicely shade the coral bark japanese maple, and provide good shade for our living room. But we have to find just the right maple tree first.
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