May. 7th, 2012

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MrB & I are buying a house!

We have a mutually accepted offer, and we had the first (we're having 2 total) home inspection yesterday.

We were NOT impressed with the inspector yesterday. He didn't see everything - including some things that MrB & I had noticed.

The 2nd inspection is scheduled for Thursday morning. I'm hoping he's better.

Things I love about the place we're trying to buy: real white oak hardwood floors, beautiful large sunroom/office, sprinkler system in the front & back yards, great open floor plan. Things that aren't so good: the three bedrooms are all VERY tiny, it's on a busy street.

But the many good things outweigh the bad things. :) And since there's a separate office area, we can use the three small bedrooms as if they were two. We're going to have the master just be our sleeping room. The smallest bedroom is right next door, and that will become our dressing/sitting room. The 3rd bedroom will be the guest/sewing/everything-else bedroom.

I'm VERY excited. Closing is scheduled for the end of June, and we're going to have all of July to move in. Our first mortgage payment will be due at the beginning of August, so we won't have to pay both rent & a mortgage at the same time. :)


rosebee: Adam Lambert touches the gauges/plugs in his ears (Default)

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